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Preview: MiniArt's new 35th scale Syrian T-35/85

The Syrians used the T-34 for several decades, and most notably during the six-day war in the sixties. We have details of Miniart's latest version of the T-34/85 from this period and the seventies in our preview...

Preview: MiniArt's new 35th scale Syrian T-35/85

Syrian T-35/85
Interior Kit
From Miniart Models
Kit No #37075
1/35th scale
Decals for four variants in the box.
The T-34/85 saw service all around the world for an innumerable amount of countries, nation-states and regimes. Syria, in the '60s and '70s, used the T-35 in several battles and in defence of the nation. The Syrian Army received T-34-85s from the Soviet Union and they took part in the many artillery duels with Israeli tanks in November 1964 and in the Six-Day War of 1967.

A Syrian T-34/85 (one of the box art selections) abandoned on Golan Heights after the Six-Day War, June 1967, Inscription in Arabic reads the name of a Syrian martyr: "Hormoz Younis Boutros" The tank has an AA DShK machine gun on the turret.
One hundred Czechoslovakian T-34/85's were sent to Syria. These tanks underwent the most changes compared to any Czechoslovakian T-34-85. The most noticeable difference was the massive DShK turret on top of the commander's cupola.
The Syrian T-34-85s had their trial by combat in early June of 1967, during the Six-Day War. A significant part of these tanks was either knocked out or captured by the Israeli army. Egyptian T-34-85s went into battle as well. In total, the Arabs lost 251 tanks of this type. Some captured tanks were later converted by the Israelis into pillboxes along the border with Syria and Jordan. Their engines and suspensions were removed, and the driver's compartment was replaced with a large ammunition rack.

Syrian T-34-85 destroyed during the Six-Day War. An SAA 2S3 trundles by in the background.
The new Syrian T-35/85 kit from MiniArt:
This new kit to depict a Syrian variant of the T-34/85 comes with several points of interest to the Six-Day War and the continuing desert wars in the Middle East. Parts like the top, turret-mounted AA DShK machine gun on the turret along, the sideways mounted toolboxes on the hull, front spotlight amongst other points for the Syrian versions.

This kit features...
All hatches can be assembled in an open or closed position
Individual tracks included
Metal surfaces and weld lines accurately represented in the model
Photo-etched parts included
Clear plastic parts included
Decal sheet for 4 options
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