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Alpine Miniatures latest set of 35th scale WWII WSS figures comes runnin' in...

Alpine Miniatures has two new figures just released to the general public. These two new SS men from WWII follow on from an earlier set Alpine have previously released,  and these can be used either as a complimentary set or as singles or a pair on their own. We have a look at the figures, the sculpting and what they are wearing in our preview...

Alpine Miniatures latest set of  35th scale WWII WSS figures comes runnin' in...

Alpine Miniatures have a new set of German WWII-era Waffen SS soldiers sculpted in 35th scale just released. Sold as single figures or as a set of two. Both of these figures are sculpted by Taesung Harmms and cast in grey resin in 1/35th scale.
If you look closely you will see that these two figures are a companion set to the #35168 "WSS Infantry Set" that we reviewed earlier.
This other set depicted similar soldiers with similar body language to this set. Two WSS soldiers running into action or to their stations, decked out with all of the things we associate with Waffen SS men. Camouflaged tunics and helmet covers, Kar 98 & Mp 40's all of the associated battle gear and equipment you normally see on soldiers of this era in Europe during WWII. We liked this set very much in the review if I remember...

Here they are, painted up by box artist Man-Jin Kim
This new set from Alpine Miniatures:
These two new figures are from a similar unit and timeframe, the sculptor putting them as an unidentified Waffen SS pair in the 1943/44 period, seen running into action. We have several photos of SS men from that era in that gear, with that type of equipment to use as reference for these figures when looking at them and painting them up.
Here are the figures of this new set, painted this time by box artist Calvin Tan
One of these figures was actually inspired by a re-enactor. The sculptor, Mr Taesung Harmms reworked the figure to make him "on the run" to match the scene. You an see the likeness in this photo used by the sculptor...
Both of these soldiers depict Waffen SS men in 1943/44 period, on the Alpine Miniatures facebook site you can see some detail of them as the unpainted resin sculpts. Let's look at them both now....

WSS Grenadier NCO '44
Kit no# 35287 
1/35th scale
This figure comes with 2 different head choices.
Sculpture by Taesung Harmms / Boxart by Calvin Tan
The first figures in this new set is #35288 and called simply "WSS Grenadier '44". Sculpted in 1/35th scale by Taesung Harmms you can see him in bare cast resin...
This Waffen SS Grenadier is seen in typical 1944 battle rig. His cloth covered M43 helmet, either with the reversible fall or spring patterns depending on how you want to paint him. He has the loose fitting SS Camo smock with drawstring secured chest opening. On his torso, he is wearing what looks to me to be an  M42 Type 2 "Plane tree" camouflage  smock (tarnjacke). 

In the boxart by the also very talented Calvin Tan you can better pick out some of the details you can paint him with...
The M42 tarnjacke first appeared in WWII photos during the battle at Kursk in July 1943 (in very small numbers.) By the Summer of 1944, they are the most prevalent pattern seen. The "M42" or "Type II" (both names being collector inventions) featured improvements over the earlier designs of Tarnjacken. 

The waistline was raised several inches with two cargo pockets placed just below it, and sets of loops were added around the shoulders to hold foliage. A real version of the reversible M42 Plane Tree camouflage smock (Tarnjacke) below,

The rear of the camouflage smock for reference...
He carries the ubiquitous German machine pistol of the war, the Mp40. At the outbreak of World War II, the majority of German soldiers carried either Karabiner 98k rifles or MP 40s, both of which were regarded as the standard weapons of choice for an infantryman. 
By the end of the war the MP 40 and its derivatives were sometimes issued to entire assault platoons. Popular with soldiers as it could deliver lots of rounds on to target and it was light and reliable enough for soldiers at the time.
You can see on his front either side of the torso the magazines for the Mp40 were designed to hold 32 rounds and each pouch designed to hold three magazines or "cells". The standard rule was that the MP40 was for the most part only issued to the NCOS's of a group or squad leader. MP40 pouches came in as many variations as can be thought of, 3 cell, 6 cell (for vehicles) and came in many combinations of leather and canvas construction.
Both wear the SS Enlisted men belt and buckle which is delicately detailed – it attaches to their combat y-straps. (Koppeltraggestell für Infanterie) on which all of their equipment is attached. 
On his rear you can see the "Y"-shaped gear is prominent and pinching the loose cloth of his camouflage smock pretty realistically. You can see the reinforced bottom in his trousers, 
For the equipment that is strapped to his Y-shaped harness you can see an entrenching tool, bread bag and stick grenades (front and back) along with two ammunition pouches made from cloth for his MP-40 magazines.  You can see his short boots with galoshes over them that gather over the trouser legs of the soldier.
The painted soldier by Calvin Tan. He surely has done some great work here and you can see the emotion on the soldier's face, as well as the excellent painting of the NCO's camouflage clothing. This painting combined with e excellent sculpting surely show us all how good these figures could be...

WSS Grenadier '44
Kit no# 35288 
1/35th scale
This figure comes with 2 different head choices.
Sculpture by Taesung Harmms / Boxart by Calvin Tan
This grenadier is seen on the run, with his Kar.98 in his right hand, ammo on the pouches attached to his battle harness over his camouflage smock, loosely flowing under his gear and as you can see here with the loops for the flora around to attach to the clothing. From the top down you can see his cloth camouflage covered helmet with foliage loops. 
Here you can see the assembled figure unpainted to pick out the details...
The boxart captures the second pattern cover, (Circa 1942-1945), with three panels of water-resistant, cotton duck construction, helmet cover with the machine roller printed, reversible, spring/autumn, Oak-Leaf "B", repeating splotch camouflage pattern. 
An earlier pattern lacking foliage loops was replaced in 1942 with a version that had loops like this one in the sculpt does. Instead of a drawstring, the cover was secured to the helmet with a series of steel or aluminium rocker clips. The version with the loops was by in large the most commonly worn cover by the Waffen-SS during the Normandy campaign. Both sides of the helmet cover reflected the seasons, It depends what time of the battle you would want your soldier to feature in. 
The Schütze carries the "soldier's bride" - the Kar.98 bolt action rifle in his right hand as he runs forward...
Still used in large quantities in 1944 and still quite accurate and dependable and easy / cheap to make and to furnish ammo for. these would see out the war as the most numerous German bolt action rifle...
..Of course he has ammo pouches for the rifle on his belt. The Karabiner 98 Ammunition pouch were worn around the belt, usually two per soldier. A fitting at the top of the pouch hooked into the suspender straps, allowing them to attach to the pouches rather than the belt.
The soldier seen here on the run, with loose camo smock and pants creasing, flowing and pressed under the equipment of the soldier on the belt and the "Y" shaped straps. His body language is on the front foot as he leans forward, left arm counterbalancing the rifle in his left as he lumbers toward the action.
For equipment he is carrying the entrenching tool in hits leather pouch with a bayonet also on top of that. These shovels were a very valuable piece of kit enabling the individual soldier to dig in for protection as required and was also utilized as a close combat weapon. The breadbag and the canteen is also carried on his belt, the leather cover of the shovel and straps holding them both together are evident in just some of the excellent detail of the sculpt. 
Both men carry the TS-57 German WWII gas mask canister and M31 canteen & cup. (Feldflasche 31 und Trinkbecher) as well as the M31 bread bag. (Brotbeutel 31) The bread bag – like the Kar 98 ammo pouches on the front of the soldier’s torsos are moulded in.
As we are talking about the sculpt, again we give credit to the painter Calvin Tan who has taken the details provided and brought them to life in the boxart.

WSS Grenadier '44 Set
Kit no# 35289
1/35th scale
Two figures in this set
Each of the two figures come with 2 different head choices.
Sculpture by Taesung Harmms / Boxart by Calvin Tan
These two figures are wearing similar, but not the same gear so they could easily be from the same unit. They will fit very well with the #35168 "WSS Infantry Set" that we reviewed earlier. These look great - and if you like them they are available now.
These figures are available now from Alpine Miniatures distributors.

If ordering within the continental United States Alpine provide free shipping if you buy from their website. Find out more about these and alpine's other figures at their website...