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Review: Qunita Studio Interior 3D-Decals - 1/32nd & 1/35th scale decals for Q1/ 2021

We thought we would gather the releases from earlier this year from Quinta Studios to show you what comes inside the sets, the way they are applied and how they compare to the real cockpits themselves. See what they are made of in our review...

Construction Review: Qunita Studio Interior 3D-Decals - Detail Sets
Scales: Various (1/35th, 1/32nd, 1/48th, 1/72nd)
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We have already featured an in-depth review of Quinta studios 1/72nd & 1/48th scale releases for later 2020 and very early 2021 from Gary Wickham who even provided a very good video of how to apply these sets, the impression they gave him and how to use the decals. 

Gary's video illustration of the decals in 48th scale he posted last year.
Review: Qunita Studio Interior 3D-Decals - 1/32nd & 35th scale decals for Q1/ 2021
Today we will go through the larger 1/32nd (and one 1/35th scale decal) that were released in the same period. We will go though what is included in each set, a comparison with the real thing and our thoughts and impressions on each of these nine releases we are looking at today.

What each of these sets includes:
- A Zip-loc bag with decals, instructions and artwork.

- The "decal" sheet of  'polymerized vinyl', which is unlike normal printed decals. These are thick, and unlike regular decals they stick TO the project rather than adhere to it using decal film and a range of decal solutions and softeners. 
These are like stickers in a way that need either super glue or PVA to adhere to the model. These decals ARE double sided where they need to be as in grab handles and visible levers.

-You still remove the decals from the paper with water after fifteen seconds of submersion they come free. After they are removed you can place them in-situ and move them around to the exact location. This is why I suggest PVA or even better the very flat drying "Cemendine" from Japan that I often use on test build reviews.
-Each set includes a small instruction sheet from Quinta with some useful general information about these sets that helps the modeller better understand how to use these relatively new products.
The instructions of each of these kits are included in printed colour and they tell the modeller what to remove from the kit, which parts to use and where.
Let's look at each of these nine larger scale decal sets from Quinta in more detail.

Su-25UB 3D-Printed & coloured Interior on decal paper (for Trumpeter kit)
1/32nd scale
Product No#QD32006
Price: 44€
The first of this lineup is the Sukhoi Su-25UB in 3D-Printed & coloured Interior on decal paper (for Trumpeter kit) in a 1/32nd scale. Inside the zip-loc'd bag comes a sheet with the decal on them, a coloured instruction/ art sheet and a disclaimer in several languages.
The coloured instruction sheet is on the reverse of the coloured artwork in a folded paper form. The construction sheet breaks up the front, then the rear cockpit of the two-seater Su-25UB trainer. The numbers on the decal sheet are pointed out with small arrows leading to placement. Colours for the parts of the kit are in black, colours for the decals are in blue and it is denoted whether you need to remove kit plastic or add your own scratch build parts for the decals to sit on in these instructions.
The Su-25UB, UBK, UTG and Su-28 are identical except for a few details. Su-25UB and UTG they have a rear canopy with a periscope that allows the rear cockpit a view t the direct front. 

The front on the left and rear cockpit to the right...
The front cockpit, rear cockpit front and side panels are included, the handles for the ejection seats, toggles for the flight stick and everything else that is in the cockpit are here in printed polymer. the match is a scale reference.
Looking directly down on the decals you can see the 3D elements to these decals that give them the real lifelike value we appreciate. Structural parts of the cockpit, dials, instrument bezels grab handles are all easy to point out at this extreme angle.

Mirage 2000N 3D-Printed & coloured Interior on decal paper (for Kitty Hawk kit)
1/32nd scale
Product No#QD32013
Price: 44€
The dual cockpits of the Mirage 2000N 3D-Printed & coloured Interior on decal paper for the 1/32nd scale Kitty Hawk kit. Although the cockpits for the Mirage 2000D & 2000N are similar they are not the same and so Quinta has smartly provided one for each. The set comes complete with the artwork/instruction sheet in coloured printed paper and two "decal" sheets with seats on one, and both cockpits on the other sheet.
The colour printed instructions are on a fold-out piece of paper that also doubles on the other side as the artwork for the set (I like all of the artworks on these - well done). The one thing I cannot see are the surrounds of the monitors to keep the glare out.
The cockpit of the Mirage 2000N is grey in comparison to the 2000D which is mostly black for a start. The large monitors in the centres of the cockpit and the older style analogue bezels are a sign of the Nuclear-armed version of the Mirage 2000.
Both of the cockpits, side consoles and instrument panels with their analogue bezels are included on sheet one of the two-sheet kit. 
From an extreme angle, you can see some of the details and the 3D texture which is the main part of this sheet's appeal.
The seat texture, the straps for both harnesses and ejection handles are included on the second sheet.
The subtle difference between the Mirage 2000N on the left below, the 2000D (sold separately) on the right below...

Mirage 2000D 3D-Printed & coloured Interior on decal paper (for Kitty Hawk kit)
1/32nd scale
Product No#QD32012
Price: 44€
Kittyhawk's 32nd scale Mirage 2000D (same as the N kit with alterations - you choose) is the second two-seater kit from Quinta for this kit on 3D-Printed & coloured Interior on decal paper. The set comes in a Zip-loc bag (each of the decal sheets has a protective plastic bag also), two decal sheets, coloured instructions and artwork on paper and a small multi-language sheet which serves as an enlargement of the instruction sheet and a bit of an explanation of the whole system you have here.
Again the instruction sheet on printed paper shows you what to remove, what to add if needed and where the decal parts are applied to the instrument panel. The front and the rear cockpits are broken up separately and this is easy to follow.
You can see the slightly darker interior of the Mirage 2000D front and rear below. The main differences automatically visible are the digital screens on the instrument panel.
Two sheets are included here with a normal-sized match for scale, the first sheet houses just the instrument panel, weapons controls and sights, throttle and side-console panels and controls...
A view from the side of the decal sheet showing the 3-D properties of the set and the raised and lowered difference. Again you will have to fashion your own shroud around the monitor screens as I could not see one here in the set.
The second sheet again offers the slight texture of the seats, buckles the straps and harness system and toggles and handles of the seat, all with that slight 3-D texture we want when trying to replicate the real thing on the 32nd scale.

A-10A 3D-Printed & coloured Interior on decal paper (for Trumpeter kit)
1/32nd scale
Product No#QD32002
Price: 28€
Everyone's favourite the 1/32nd scale Trumpeter A-10 conversion decal set is also featured in Quinta's sets and thankfully also, as this kit really does need help, resin sets are expensive and hard to come by. This will be one that many modellers are interested in.
This set comes with front IP and side consoles, cockpit frame instruments for the older (analogue) style cockpits for the Warthog. the newer "glass" cockpit lovers will have to look elsewhere for now. I would assume it would be on Quinta's list though. The coloured instruction sheet and artwork are again simple, with a single cockpit this time the instructions are just as clear with what to remove, what to replace and where to place your decals.
The compact and simple Thunderbolt II's cockpit for the A-10A version is full of dials with only two LEd screens. The latter A-10C has many improvements in LED and digital screens. Hopefully, there is a version of that cockpit coming soon from Quinta.
The "analogue" version of the early Thunderbolt II's cockpit from Quinta included a front instrument panel, side consoles and padded side walls texture. The ribbed padded seat and small straps for the ejection seat are included in the set. A (regular sized) match is offered here for scale representation.
From two angles you can see firstly the difference between the matte texture of the instrument panel and the glass screens of the dials. Also on the lower picture, you can see the 3-D elements of the panels, straps, toggles, switches and cabin wall padding.

F-16C 3D-Printed & coloured Interior on decal paper (for Tamiya kit)
1/32nd scale
Product No#QD32003
Price: 25€
The earlier (pre-Bloc 32) F-16C in either regular or even more popular the "Aggressor" Viper is another of the choices of the 3D-Printed & coloured Interior on decal paper in 1/32nd scale (for Tamiya kit) from Quinta. Included in the zip-loc'd bag is the artwork and coloured instruction sheet, the introduction and user guide in Russian and English and two small decal sheets for the seat and the various panels of the cockpit... 
The instruction sheet for this single-seater is again pretty simple to follow. The detail of the donor kit isn't that strong, so not that much to remove. Of course the black denotes the kit part and the blue text and arrows represent the Quinta decals. Seat, panel and cockpit tub, sidewalls and control stick all receive the 3D decal treatment.
The earlier cockpits of the F-16C used in Aggressor aircraft are mostly analogue, with only two electronic screens (a little like the A-10 but not quite as agricultural).
The decals reflect this earlier, more basic cockpit from the F-16C. the instrument panel is broken up into several smaller panels and larger side consoles near the pilot's hands
When held at an angle to the light you can see the 3-D elements of the main sheet, although not a very large sheet, it is nicely detailed with sharp printing of the dials and the smallest details of the kit's parts.
The second sheet is just as small but it has the same level of detail on the seats, the harnesses and the grab handles of the seat...

P-51D (Late) 3D-Printed & coloured Interior on decal paper (for Tamiya kit)
1/32nd scale
Product No#QD32004
Price: 20€ 
For the Tamiya kit in the 32nd scale of the P-51D Mustang, Quinta offers two sheets, one for the early and the other for the late mustang. Probably most easily recognized in the boxings of the collected tail and non-filleted tail kits. This particular set features the usual, A single decal sheet, the instructions and the artwork and installation instructions on colour printed paper.
The installation instructions give you that standard we are by now used to, with the blue writing denoting the decal parts, the black writing are the kit parts that they are attached to, and the places where we need to add or subtract material from the kit.
The layout of the Mustang cockpit is a little hard to nail down, with so many restored birds out there with new and needed safety additions to the cockpit it is hard to get a good representation of an authentic Mustang cockpit from WWII. I would assume this is a good representation of a late mustang cockpit although there will be newer dials and buttons specific to post-war Mustangs in here.
The decals are on a small sheet here with a regular match for scale size comparison. The central instrument panel is good, with the smaller weapons panel (#27) fitting in underneath and able to be excluded if you did not want it there. The sidewalls are a pretty good match for the Mustang interior green shade. Seat harnesses, ANA foot pedals, data plates, throttle and engine controls and all other parts you would see in a mustang are included here.
Held at an angle to the light you can see more clearly the 3-D elements are just right on this sheet in both the controls, dials and rough-textured seatbelts.

P-51D (Early) 3D-Printed & coloured Interior on decal paper (for Tamiya kit)
1/32nd scale
Product No#QD32005
Price: 20€
The early model 1/32nd scale P-51D Mustang is also included in Quinta's sets. The 3D-Printed & coloured Interior on decal paper for the Tamiya kit has exactly the same amount of details as the late kit, with a simple change to the cockpit decals changed here as well as of course art and instructions for this particular type.
Again we have the simple illustrated colour-printed instructions to make this set work on your early Mustang. The black notated numbers are the kit parts, the blue is the Quinta decal placements. the notes tell you what to remove and what to add, and a good reference to the real thing was used by the look of the detail afforded on the sheet.
This instrument panel is from a P-51B, but it is suitable for an early P-51D except for a few dials. It is just so hard to find an unrestored and unchanged instrument panel. this one is restored to original standards.
You can see it is a good match for this set, with the right layout of dials and side consoles. the controls for throttles and engine, dials and switches are all present as in the other, latter Mustang set. the ANA branded foot pedals, material - look harnesses and shiny dials are all in (mostly) the right places.
I held this one to the light so you can see the depth in the decals again. Subtle but just enough to make the eye believe what it is seeing and much better than coloured photo-etch in my opinion.

Yak-3 3D-Printed & coloured Interior on decal paper (for Special Hobby kit)
1/32nd scale
Product No#QD32007
Price: 20€
The Special Hobby Yak-3 in 1/32nd scale is the next Quinta set to be examined, with the 3D-Printed & coloured Interior on decal paper here in the zip-loc bag. The coloured artwork and installation instructions, black and white introduction and general instructions and one sheet for the single-seater cockpit with 3-D decals are included here.
The instructions are of the same standard we have seen of Quinta. Printed paper with black text and lines denoting original kit parts and the blue showing where to insert the parts of each of the Quinta 3-D decals. Special denotation for the aircraft with radio detection finder gear is included shows attention to detail from Quinta.
The cockpit of a wartime era Yak-3 here. Again these are hard to find unrestored and this is mostly original.
You can see from the decal sheet the instrument panel in the centre, several throttles and engine levers, trim wheels and small panels are nicely detailed there, They would certainly improve on most people's painting jobs on this kit as the detail is very precise and readable even in 32nd scale.
That old trick again! I held it to the light so you can see the 3-D effect of the printed decals - a very nice addition to the Special Hobby kit.

GAZ-66 Family 3D-Printed & coloured Interior on decal paper (for Trumpeter kits)
1/35th scale
Product No#QD35002
Price: 4€
As a departure from the 32nd decals we have looked at already, this Gaz-66 instrument panel suits the 35th scale Trumpeter kits with three versions of the dashboard inside this set.
The zip-loc bag contains the introduction in Russian and English, the artwork and placement instructions and of course the deal sheet for three different Gaz trucks with slightly different instrument clusters - very nice!
There are a few different versions of Gaz-66 trucks out there, this one below is the standard instrument cluster - not the grey panels sit on top of the Russian green interior parts for the trumpeter kit you will paint yourself.
Three different panels are included for slightly different trucks in the Gaz-66 family. The regular truck and the winch-equipped version is also there.
The three instrument panels held against the light so you can see the depth of the instrument panel and the 3-D effect.
So...thoughts on these sets?
These nine sets will most definitely improve the models they are designed to fit. The instructions are simple, and although you do not have the exact colour matches to the decals themselves this is the case with coloured photo-etch on the market now. hopefully, this will be changed in the future.

That does not detract from the excellent detail presented and the 3-D effect not offered up until now. there are already some manufacturers following suit and making their own plastic decals - they have a high bar to clear if they want to beat these - they are excellent.

Adam Norenberg

You can get these decals from the Creative Models Website
To find out more about Quinta's full range, or to purchase them directly, head to their FB page or alternatively their Webpage