Thursday, April 8

Das Dock for your Das Boot from DAS WERK - Their New 72nd Scale Drydock in the Werks...

Das Werk have teamed up with Uschi van der Rosten and Malaan Lasercut to bring us a large dry dock for your 72nd scale submarines and ships that suits all boats in the first half of last century. Timely and a smart release, we look at what we know about the kit before it is released in May in our preview...

 A New 72nd Scale Drydock from Das Werk in the Werks...

Navy dry dock (1890-1960s)
from  Das Werk
1/72nd scale
366 parts
Detail up parts for the dock are included
Scheduled to be released in May 2021
Smart cookies, these people behind Das Werk. Recently they broke into the World War One market in 72nd scale ships with the release of their SM U-9 U-boats that sold very well to interested modellers wanting to broaden their submarine range.
It really does make a lot of sense to make this diorama scene/ base doesn't it? I mean most people will be almost or finished their new WWI U-Boat by now, and thinking of how to display it. YOu can see by some of the photos below how U-Boats were positioned and sometimes even after they have been attacked in port at their drydock pens - great stuff for a diorama scene of your choice...

A U-boat in dry dock destroyed by air attack at Toulon, 1944
U-250 in the dry dock at Kronstadt.
U-37 at dry dock in Lorient in France during WWII
A German U-boat Type VIIC, in the Vasiliadis dry dock in Piraeus during repairs in November 1941.
This new kit from Das Wek:
This is a kit that comes in a total of 366 parts from the laser-cut wooden board supplied by Malaan Lasercut.
The dock is designed to suit the examples in most European countries from time zones of the 1890s and 1960s. Of course, it can be used not only for not only Das Werk's 1/72nd scale SM U9 but also for other companies' 1/72 scale ships and submarines.
- You can choose whether or not there is a factory wall adjacent to the dock.
- The stone wall and factory wall are reproduced with precisely printed texture prints.
- To further enhance the look and feel of the diorama, there are accessories of the dock included in the box
-The keel blocks, gangways, scaffolding, wall signage and other details are all included in this kit.
This kit is scheduled to be released in May 2021

You can find out more information on this kit, or where to pre-order it from the Das Werk Website
We noticed this kit is already available from Hobbylink Japan on Pre-Order!