Wednesday, April 7

Who doesn't like new Gans? Wave re-pops the Luna version...

For all of you who do not want to spend hundreds on your own MAK two legged walker, and for all the rest of you who like to buy ten of these and hoard them  - good news! Wave are re-issuing the "Luna Gans" in new colours for the first time in eight years. Details in our preview...
Lunagans Pz.Späh 1124
From Wave
Product No #MK-068
Plastic model kit
1/20th scale
Available late July
The worst thing about modelling Maschinen Krieger (Ma.K ZBV3000), often abbreviated as Ma.K kits is their lack of availability. As fast as these kits seem to come out in limited numbers, they are sold out or grabbed by speculators or hoarders. It is great then, that especially the two-legged walkers sometimes come back into production, and the turn of the much loved "Luna Gans" Pz.Späh 1124.

The Luna Gans is very similar to the regula, earthbound version, but it has rocket booster propulsion to shoot itself around the Lunar surface...
Due for release in late July, this long-awaited re-sale of  the Luna Gans comes with a new color scheme and markings.
The kit consists of NITTO Krote and Neuspotter parts required for assembling the guns, and wave parts exclusively for the lunar surface type. In addition, the neck joint is a ball joint unlike the conventional one, which makes it possible to give a more dynamic expression and pose.
Lunagans Pz.Späh 1124 Kit Features
● Price: ¥ 7,480 (tax included) 
● Resale in late July 2021
■ Plastic injection moulded kit
■ 1/20th scale
■ 1 New marking decal included
■ Product code: MK-068
This kit is already on presale in several places, including the Wave website. We noticed that it is for presale on the HLJ Website for $74.95 AUD (which is much better than the recent prices for the first release kit people pay nowadays...)