Wednesday, April 7

Preview: 1/35th scale T-54 Late Transmission Set from MiniArt

To match your late model T-54A, B & Tiran kits Miniart has released a complete "late" model transmission set to match your tank's lovely exterior. We look at what comes in the box in our preview...

T-54 Late Transmission Set
from MiniArt
Kit No #37066
1:35th scale
Miniart's new kit:
A simple kit to add a lot to your T-54 or Tiran series of tanks from MiniArt. This can be sued in a workshop or field repair diorama or even in a wrecked or burnt out scene.

This kit is made from four sprues of injection moulded plastic - one sprue of vegetables in 35th scale...
Kit Contains Model Of Transmission Set that fits several other Miniart kits:
37009 T-54a Interior Kit
37011 T-54b Soviet Medium Tank. Early Production. Interior Kit
37013 Tiran 4 Sharir Late Type. Interior Kit
37029 Tiran 4 Late Type. Interior Kit

It could very much improve many other kits from other manufacturers of T-54 -based kits in 35th scale..