Wednesday, April 28

Preview: Abrams Squad Issue #35 from Pla Editions

"Abrams Squad" is a model magazine focusing on current and modern vehicles - civilian and military with dioramas, modelling showcases and inspiration for the rest of us novices. See what is inside the latest issue - no#35 - in our preview...

Preview: Abrams Squad Issue #35 from Pla Editions

Abrams Squad Issue #35
Soft cover
Text: English
Page 96
Price: 15€
Abrams Squad 35 Contents
This issue have changed in terms of pages and price. Now we have more pages and we can publish more interesting articles, not only modelling guides, but also some history, references and among everything, lots of inspiration for their readers.

Abrams Squad #35 contents:
4.- Commander's Display Unit always gives us decent news and reviews of the latest products that have been released in the past weeks and months that modellers might be interested in.
6.- RTS: T-72M - The new full interior Amusing Hobby kit is built up and shown in comparison to the real thing in this very good model build review section.
26.- “SHOOTING RANGE CHIEFTAIN” - The Takom kit of the Chieftain by the very talented Japanese modeller Shimpei Nohara is shown on a firing range as an old, old target taken by shot, rust and the environment.
40.- The Rye Field Model 35th scale  “Challenger 2 TES” is modelled here by Ian Barraclough shows the pinnacle of British armour in the modern world with this colourful model.
52.- Łukasz Orczyc-Musiałek is next with his IDF “Shot Kal Gimel” from AFV Club in 35th scale. Seen charging forward this is a dynamic looking diorama scene.
62.- The modellers showcase from Kuniyuki Takeuchi is next with a scene called “Tiran 5”  of the Tamiya kit.
66.- A pictorial of the “Bradleys in Syria” by the Abrams Squad team is next giving us heaps of good references and some inspiration.
72.- Back to "Nam" next with  UWE Kern's model of the “M113A1 ACAV” with excellent additions of crew and stowage on this all -purpose vehicle.
82.- Another Chieftain, this time an “Iranian Chieftain Mk.5/P” by Alex Clark. this time the smaller 1/72nd scale kit that almost looks like a 35th scale in this magazine!
90.- For more reference - this time “Russian Forces in Syria” by Abrams Squad
96.- Turret Basket always shows us the best in what is coming up in the modern military modelling world...

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