Friday, July 16

Preview: MiniArt's 35th scale T-55 mod 1970 Interior Kit

Miniart has reached the end of its T-55A kit with this, a full interior version of their Mod 1970 which was used up until the 2010's (and later). This kit will be appreciated by modern warfare lovers. See the kit's feature set, markings, sprues and the real tanks featured in this kit in real life in our preview...

New from MiniArt - T-55A Mod. 1970 Interior Kit in 35th scale

T-55A Mod. 1970 Interior Kit
1/35th scale
Five marking choices in this box
The Subject: The T-55A Mod. 1970 
Early on during the production T-55s were fitted with the TSh-2B-32P sight. Starting in 1970 T-55s were being armed at Uralvagonzavod with either a 12.7 mm DShK 1938/46 or KPVT loader's anti-aircraft heavy machine guns. These tanks were known as Model 1970, or sometimes T-55AM. KTD-1 or KTD-2 laser rangefinders and R-123 or R-123M radio sets were fitted to older tanks starting in 1974 (Model 1974). At the same time efforts were made to modernize and prolong the life of the drivetrain.
The real life T-55A's from this boxing in this kit:
Here are some of the tanks from this boxing in real life - first, a couple of  T55A's from the Iraqi Army, Kuwait 1991, note the red barrels...
A T-55A Mod 1970 with the "AU" Marking from the Ugandan's People's Defence Force African Union's Mission in Somalia in the 2010's
Seen here in winter covered with snow, "304" t-55A Mod 1970 from the 9th Mechanized Brigade "Marasesti" , Romanian Armed Forces, Exercise "Sabre Guardian" 2017 
Showing you how different this tank looks in the summer with dirt instead of snow - the same "304" T-55A
OKB, Busici 1st Guards Brigade of HVO Ante Bruno Bisic, Republic of Croatia Armed Forces in Kupres in the  1990's

The Kit from MiniArt: T-55A Mod. 1970 Interior Kit
This kit features the later model T-55A produced in the '70s. The kit contains a full interior for a detailed build, and it features individual track links and clear parts. All of the hatches can be posed open or closed, there are five marking choices from a variety of armies in the '70's being used right up till the 2010's.

Driver compartment interior accurately represented
Fully detailed fighting compartment interior
Highly detailed interior of turret
All hatches can be posed open & closed
Engine and transmission included
Sprues of the kit
Full ammunition included
Individual tracks included
Clear plastic parts included
Photo-etched parts included and a decal sheet for 5 options
There are five marking choices for the T-55A Mod 1970 in the box

Soviet Army, Late '70s
Iraqi Army, Kuwait 1991
OKB, Busici 1st Guards Brigade of HVO Ante Bruno Bisic, Republic of Croatia Armed Forces, Kupres, 1990's
Ugandan People's Defence Force African Union Mission in Somalia, 2010's
9th Mechanized Brigade "Marasesti" , Romanian Armed Forces, Exercise "Sabre Guardian" 2017 
This kit from MiniArt will soon be available - Until then, keep an eye on the MiniArt's website or just look in here for more info on MiniArt’s new stuff.