Tuesday, April 20

Preview: A familiar but new-tooled 1/35th scale German SPG Crew from MiniArt

We have plenty of German AFV's in all of our stashes - the thing we really need now is people to populate them and the dioramas that we create. Again Miniart step up to the plate with a brand new set including some useful accessories that go along with your new guys. See what is inside the kit in our preview...

Preview: A familiar but new-tooled 1/35th scale German SPG Crew from MiniArt

 German SPG Crew
from MiniArt
Kit No #35363
1:35th scale
The subject: German AFV crew in World War Two.
The AFV amr of the German armed forces had a similar uniform tot he tank crews, but the use of field grey was used rather than the all -black of the Panzer Korps.
The open-topped vehicles are very much in need of crews to populate them in dioramas, unlike Panzers where at the least all you need to do is stick a tanker's head out of one of the hatches.
There are several photos of these tank killers and mobile artillery out there, so lots of inspiration for modellers wanting to take ont he challenge now you have one more tool in the form of this kit.

This new kit from MiniArt:
This box contains four figures of SPG crew, ammo boxes, empty and full ammunition are also included, all moulde din plastic in 1/35th scale.

Four small sprues feature the new figures - we have been told by Miniart these are all new figures.
A sprue with a standard weapon load of German soldiers is included, all types of firearms which will indeed be helpful to help fill the interior of the vehicle.
Also new tooled shells for the gun are included.
Ammunition boxes and empty shell cases are included in the kit - this one is three sprues so at least three of each in this kit.
Decals are included for the shells in 35th scale - this is very helpful to the modeller who wants that really detailed interior packed with ammunition
Like we said, this kit is very similar looking to Miniart's kit #35008. But we have been told these are next tooled figures. If you look at the sprue on the site of the previously discontinued kit, it has one sprue with four figures on it, arranged differently on the sprue, so these are indeed all new, hopefully an improvement on the originals.