Monday, April 19

Preview: Minibase add more firepower to their Sea Flanker with the w/Kh-41 Moskit(P-270) anti-ship missile

Minibase are building on their very successful launch title of earlier this year in an up-gunned version of the kit. The massive Kh-41 anti-ship missile is added to their Su-33 Naval fighter in 48th scale. We have some information on this new addition to the kit in our preview...
Preview: Minibase adds even more firepower to their Sea Flanker with the w/Kh-41 Moskit(P-270) anti-ship missile

Su-33 Flanker-D(Su-27K) w/Kh-41 Moskit(P-270)
From Minibase
1/48th scale
Item No.8002
Plastic injection moulded kit including clear parts
Kit comes with a pilot figure (for pre-order kits)...
The kit is coming late 2021, date TBA...
The Subject - Su-33 Flanker-D(Su-27K) w/Kh-41 Moskit(P-270) Anti-ship missile
The Su-33 is a single-seat multirole carrier-based conventional take-off and landing (CTOL) fighter aircraft. It is manufactured by Sukhoi in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia. The aircraft has been principally designed and developed to meet the requirements of the Russian Navy.
The aircraft is derived from its predecessor, the Su-27, and its Nato reporting name is Flanker-D. It performed its maiden flight in May 1985 and entered into service in 1994. The aircraft can be operated any time under the aid of the command centre ship.
The Su-33 can destroy hostile aerial targets, provide fire support and demolish ground and sea targets using missiles and rocket bombs. It also renders escort, reconnaissance and laying of minefields missions.

The aircraft was designed by Russia’s Sukhoi Design Bureau. The design phase began in 1984 and was finalised in 1985. The aircraft is equipped with sports canards to reduce the take-off distance and enhance manoeuvrability, and has power-aided folding wings. The aircraft is also fitted with an air-refuelling probe to increase its range. The wings are fitted with a two-piece, single-slotted flap, an aileron and a larger leading-edge flap to decrease speed when landing.

The Kh-41 Moskit(P-270) anti-ship missile under the centreline of the Su-33 Flanker D
Su-33 features
The Su-33’s airborne warning and control system is used to automatically detect, track, recognise and spot up to ten aerial and ground-based targets. The aircraft is equipped with a long-range navigation system which determines the fighter’s location based on the signals supplied by the ground station. Su-33. The aircraft can climb at the rate of 325m/s. It has a maximum speed of 2,300km/h and a stall speed of 240km/h. Its maximum range is 3,000km, while the service ceiling is 17,000m. The aircraft weighs around 18,400kg and its maximum take-off weight is 33,000kg.

Aircraft armament
The aircraft is armed with 30mm Gsh-30-1 cannons. It features 12 external hardpoints on which are mounted R-27R1(ER1), R-27T1(ET1) and R-73E air-to-air missiles, S-8KOM, S-8OM, S-8BM S-13T, S-13OF and S-25-OFM-PU unguided missiles, Kh-25MP, Kh-31 and Kh-41 guided missiles, RBK-500 cluster bombs and electronic countermeasure pods.

It is the Kh-41 Moskit (P-270) anti-ship missile that is the main addition to this kit. Moskit is Russian for Mosquito, and in real life, the missile is a medium-range supersonic anti-ship cruise missile with sea-skimming capability for the Russian Navy. 
Originally designed to be a ship-launched missile, it has been adapted multiple times to be launched from land (modified trucks), underwater (submarines), and air (Sukhoi Su-33 all-weather carrier). The missile can reach speeds of over Mach 3 at high-altitudes and Mach 2.2 at low-altitude.

Moskit missile at MAKS, Zhukovskiy, 1999. Note that the fins are folded for storage. When deployed, they protrude at 90 degrees from the missile centerline.

The kit: Su-33 Flanker-D(Su-27K) w/Kh-41 Moskit(P-270)
This kit is a follow up from Minibase's early 2021 kit of the Su-33 Flanker-D that has certainly made a lot of people take notice of this new brand.
This kit features the same plastic, plus an added sprue containing the Kh-41 Moskit(P-270) and pylon. We do not know too much more about the model so far, just that it cannot be too down the road if that is to be added, We noticed "Red 106" was on the box art, maybe it is in the kit in the form of markings also? Time will tell...

The boxart for the new kit.
The kit will come with a Russian pilot for the pre-order kits - a prototype of which is presented below..."Red pilot indeed"
The Minibase website is not yet up, but when this kit is out we will keep you informed