Sunday, June 20

Bigger than we thought - Takom's new large scale Wiesel pops out...

Takom's recent 1/16th scale Wiesel TOW firing scout tank was a really popular kit with modellers. Having reloaded, this time with a 20mm cannon in place, Takom are ready to go again with this alternate Mk 20 version. We have some info in our preview...

Takom's new Wiesel Mk20 gets its gun out....

Wiesel Mk 20
From Takom
Kit No #1014
1/16th scale
All hatches on the tank can be made into an open or closed state
Tracks & suspension is workable 
clear parts included
A figure is included with this kit.
Photo-etch parts are included
Four marking choices included in the box...
The Subject: The Wiesel Mk 20
In 1982 the West German airborne units adopted a Wiesel 1 air-portable armoured vehicle. This armoured vehicle was designed by Porsche. This small armoured vehicle could be used for various roles. However, there were two most common versions of in service with the German army - the reconnaissance and fire support vehicle, armed with a 20 mm cannon and anti-tank missile carrier. The Wiesel 1 was produced from 1990 until 1992-1993. A total of 210 of these missile carriers were obtained by the German army.
Protection of the Wiesel is rather limited due to its lightweight of less than 3 t. Its armour provides protection for the crew only against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. This vehicle also lacks an NBC protection system.
The MK20 - reconnaissance and fire support vehicle is fitted with a 20 mm cannon for providing fire support to the infantry and for fighting against soft targets, to a certain extent also against hard targets and slow and low-flying aircraft and especially helicopters. 
The main weapon of the Wiesel 1 consists of a 20 mm automatic cannon (MK) MK 20 Rh 202 from Rheinmetall. The MK was installed in a one-man tower E6-II-A1 from KUKA Wehrtechnik (part of Rheinmetall since 1999). The mechanical straightening drives enable a lateral straightening range of 110 ° and a vertical straightening range of −10 ° to + 45 °. 
On the side of the weapon and thus outside there are two ammunition boxes with 60 cartridges of armor-piercing hard core ammunition (AP) on the left and 100 cartridges of explosive ammunition (HE) on the right. A double belt feeder enables a quick change from AP to HE or vice versa. Thanks to the PERI Z-59 image intensifier , the MK Wiesel is capable of night combat.
In contrast to the Wiesel TOW, the Mk 20 crew consists of only two soldiers (commander / gunner and driver). The tasks of the commander include driving the tracked vehicle, observing the battlefield and fighting targets, as well as maintaining telecommunication connections on up to two radio circuits. As a result, the low crew size results in a limited use of the capabilities of the vehicle and only limited stamina on the battlefield.
The kit: Takom's 16th scale Wiesel Mk 20
Due to be released in august, this kit is of course as the title says in 1/16th scale, the figure you see on the boxart is also included in plastic. The tracks on the kit are workable, as is the suspension which can make the tank look pretty dynamic due to its small size. Four types of markings are included in the kit also...
That is all we know about this release for now. You can see more about Takom's kits on their website or on their Facebook page