Sunday, June 20

Preview: A new magazine dedicated to French aviation "Wings #01 - Bloch 155 - The ultimate hunter by Marcel Bloch"

The first in a new series of magazines from examining the history of French aviation has just been released. This magazine has several feature stories, but focuses on the Bloch 155 as it's poster child. See more about this new French magazine in our preview...

Wings #01 - Bloch 155 - The ultimate hunter by Marcel Bloch
From Avions Bateaux Publishing
All pictures are published with English captions
Format : A4 Portrait
Number of pages : 80
Number of pictures : 170
Language : French
Number of color profiles : 19
Released: June 18th
Price: €12
A new magazine dedicated to French aeronautics under the broadest aspects of aviation history, whether civil or military, scientific, industrial or technical. This new quarterly magazine will ambitiously embrace the whole of French aeronautical history and heritage. Its editorial team, already constituted, brings together the best French specialists in history, technique and collection.
The magazine will highlight all those who made French aeronautics, but also those who do it today or who work for its preservation and its life. Because the heritage of tomorrow is being built today!
The first issue will help you discover with passion, in a lively and unprecedented way, entire sections of French aeronautical history. The bet is daring. We take it because we know we can count on you and your pleasure in making discoveries with each new issue.

As you will soon discover, the magazine "Les Ailes" will take you on a journey through all eras, from origins to the most modern and on the five continents.

Contents of issue #01:
- News

- Heritage: Salmson Cricri
Restauration & history of the Salmson D6/7 with Les Casques de Cuir.

- The men: Pierre Mendès France, 
The full and unknown history of Pierre Mendès France in the armée de l'Air in 1939 from Syria to his scandalous trial.

- 26 File: Bloch 155 Further, faster, stronger
You will discover the history, such as it has never been approached nor illustrated, of the last Bloch hunter of 1940: the Bloch 155. That is to say more than 30 pages of documents never seen until today, as well as testimonies and new information, color profiles worked in the smallest details ...
- Collection: The family of OPL RX-39
For you, collectors! You will discover extremely rare collector's items and their history, over time, such as the french famous gunsight OPL "Lanterne".

- Story: The Tiger Moths in Indochina
Rare collections items and the unknown story of the french Tiger Moth in Indochina who became the first planes of the Vietminh...

- Air Force Marks and Paintings Episode 1
The magazine begins its new series on the paint and camouflage of French aircraft of the 1930s and 1940s. Are you still wondering about the paintings of French cameras from the 1930s? Thanks to completely unpublished archives from industrialists and the Air Force, you will have before you the beginning of a long series devoted to this subject.You may be surprised....

You will also meet restorers, manufacturers of exact replicas, passionate collectors who revive national devices or who preserve an unknown heritage.

You can see more about this new magazine and order it from this Product Link on the Avions Bateaux Website