Monday, June 7

Model tool preview: Introducing the "Octopus" a new scale model jig from Sukeru Modera

Ever feel like you needed more hands while you are modelling? Well, the new Octopus Scale Model Jig from Sukeru Modera might be the thing for you. We have a look at this new tool with all its extra appendages to suit a number of applications on your modelling bench in our preview...

New tool preview: Octopus Scale Model Jig from Sukeru Modera

New tool preview: Octopus Scale Model Jig
from Sukeru Modera
Price: $55 (flat international shipping rate of $24)
A made in Lebanon by the model group called  Sukeru Modera, the latest modelling jig to suit several applications has hit the market. Called the "Octopus Scale Model Jig" it is a multi-functional jig designed to help scale modellers during both the assembly and painting stages. 
The Octopus allows the handling of scale models, for easy access to all areas, eliminating any risk of marring the finish, breaking or knocking off delicate details throughout the whole model making process. The jig also serves as an elevated workstation while also providing a stable, flexible work holder.
The Octopus Model Jig provides a steady, weighted base in addition of three interchangeable heads for the various components of armoured models. The three interchangeable heads offer a steady hold of the lower hull, turret, and the completed model for either detailing, or weathering.
From the Octopus Model Jig leaflet, we have a breakdown of the three different attachments of the Octopus jig (all of these come in this package)...

OCTO-001 & OCTO-003 - The main base & smaller four-point vice
OCTO-002 is a horizontal vice that can grab either side of an object like a vehicle, a tank or something with flat sides.
OCTO-004 - a screw-down vice for attaching flat bottomed objects like tank hulls - notice that the base allows the modeller to pivot the vice in two different axis.
Sukeru Modera have a short video of the jig in use for those who are shy of reading to familiarize themselves with just how the Octopus works...
The retail price for the Octopus Jig is $55 excluding the flat rate international shipping rate of $24 (Delivery within a week is typical worldwide).
The review will come soon here on TMN
Currently, the Octopus is available online via the Product Link on the Sukeru Modera website