Tuesday, June 8

New reference preview: Syrian Armor at War Vol. 1 from Pla Editions

For years these has been war in Syria, the conflict is still ongoing, and seeing this book from Pla Editions makes us realise the scope of what's involved in fighting vehicles in the theatre. We look at the new book that shows detailed references of the armour, called Syrian Armor at War Vol. 1 in our preview...

New reference preview: Syrian Armor at War Vol. 1
from Pla Editions

New reference preview: Syrian Armor at War Vol. 1
By Pla Editions
72 Pages 
Softbound, A4 Portrait format 
All texts in English
 Syrian Armor at War Vol. 1 from Pla Editions is a new reference book about the Syrian Armor used by all contending parts in the conflict started in 2011 and continues to this day: Russian tanks and vehicles, pick-ups and all kind of weapon systems. Shocking pictures that will be the perfect visual reference for the modeller and the military enthusiast. This reference is clearly not intended to be a political or historical text book, as you will see soon. We have simply collected images from the world's leading photo journalist catalogue and after a great work of research, filtered and examined the great collection of images from this tragic conflict taken by extremely brave photographers and photojournalists, to which we would like to dedicate this book.

Contents: Vehicles covered in this book...
2.- T-54
4.- T-55 (T-55A, T-55M, T-55AMV)
16.- T-62
22.- T-62M
24.- T-72 URAL
28.- T-72M1
32.- T-72 Mahmia
34.- T-72 Shafrah
36.- T-72AV
40.- T-72B
42.- T-90
44.- Artillery
46.- Self Propelled Artillery
50.- ZSU-23-4 Shilka
53.- Anti-Aircraft Trucks
54.- Pick-up
58.- BMP
66.- Miscellaneous
68.- Destroyed
This book is available to purchase now - check it and the others in the range at this Product Link on the Pla Editions Website