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Preview: 100 Years Of Soviet & Russian Military Parades 1917-2017 Volume 3 (+ a bonus title) From Canfora Publishing

Canfora Publishing from Sweden has released information of the third in the series of books detailing the 100 Years Of Soviet and Russian Military Parades from 1917-2017. This book takes on from the others in covering the myriad of vehicles from 1992 to present day. See everything we know about the book & how to get it at a pre-release discount in our preview...

Preview: The third in the 100 Years Of Soviet and Russian Military Parades 1917-2017  

100 Years Of Soviet and Russian Military Parades 1917-2017 Volume 3
From Canfora Publishing
By James Kinnear
368 Pages
Detailed Vehicle Info
1000+ Photos!
Shipping starts late June
Pre-order Offer Price is €39 (RRP is €49)
Concluding The Series...
This third and final volume describes the post-Soviet Russian military parades held in Moscow from 1992 to present day, completing a century of full-scale mechanised military parades on Red Square, at a time when demonstrating the defensive capability of the nation was, as in 1918, and in 1941, again deemed a strategic requirement in an uncertain world.
Did You Know?
In the 1990s, there was only a single full-scale military parade in Moscow, commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Victory in Europe. Tanks would however be operationally deployed on the streets of Moscow in 1993 during the Russian “Constitutional Crisis”.
The dissolution of the Soviet Union in December 1991 brought the seven-decade long tradition of 7th November Red Square military parades to an abrupt halt. In the post-Cold War era, displays of military might were for a time deemed superfluous in the modern Russian Federation.
Red Square Return
In 2008, full-scale military parades involving mechanised military equipment - “tekhnika” - would return to Red Square, now held as Victory Day parades on 9th May annually. The Victory parades were from 2011 joined by a return of historic 7th November parades, now commemorating the defiant military parade of 7th November 1941 rather than the Russian Revolution of 1917 
The recently introduced full-scale 9th May Red Square Victory parades once again provide the Russian public and foreign observers an annual opportunity to view the Russian military machine on display. For foreign observers, military or civilian, an understanding of the nation behind the military personnel and equipment on display has never been more important than it is today.

Wait, There Is More - ...
On 24th June 2020, the Russian Federation commemorated the 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe in the “Great Patriotic War”. 

The Russian Commemoration Parade of the 75th Anniversary of Victory in World War Two
By James Kinnear & Andrey Aksenov
112 Pages
Detailed Vehicle Info
400+ Photos included.
Over its 112 pages, this book will guide you through the equipment displayed during the parade, with many stunning new vehicles.
The major 75 Anniversary Victory Parade was as with all previous parades a commemoration of the nearly 27 million Soviet souls lost in protecting the country in the 1941-45 war, combined with a demonstration of the latest Russian military might for the benefit of domestic and foreign audiences.
Lastly, you can also get all three of these plus the bonus 75th Anniversary book in a limited edition boxed set!
- Over 2500 photos in total, 
Soviet and Russian Parades box-set + The Russian Commemoration 75th  anniversary Parade Book
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Pre-order Offer Price: €99 (RRP is €119)
Shipping starts late June for both the single book and the boxed set options..
They are available for pre-order right now, You can get it from the Canfora Website