Tuesday, June 1

Preview: Miniart stops us with a new checkpoint

Miniart has combined some of their sets to make a neat little checkpoint diorama ready to shake 'n bake into a scene of your very own. We look at the parts in our preview...
Miniart stops us with a new checkpoint

1/35th scale
Kit No #35562
Miniart has combined some sets of their to make an all-new roadside  checkpoint that can populate your second world war dioramas. Mostly in German, the sets combined could make up a nice little scene.

This new boxing from MiniArt includes:
The plastic kits that are combined to make this set include the Miniart Hessian bags kit, the Traffic signs set, the Barrier and the Sentry box kits.
The parts of the kit:
There are a bunch of road signs from different regions of WWII, in German language mostly.