Sunday, July 11

Preview: 1/48th scale "Heritage Hawgs" from Two BRRRRTTT - sorry Two Bobs

The Thunderbolt II, the Warthog, the Hawk or just BRRRRRTTT! - we love the A-10. So when we heard that Two Bobs were making another sheet in 48th scale after their recent "A-10A/C Brrrrrt.. to the Future" sheet we were interested. See more about it in our preview...

Preview:  1/48th scale "Heritage Hawgs" from Two Bobs

A-10C Heritage Hawgs
Set no #48-275
Three schemes inside suitable for 1/48th Hobby Boss & Revell A-10
Price: $15.00
Available now
Heritage and Demonstration Team schemes from Two Bobs Decals:
Numerous heritage paint schemes have adorned USAF fighter aircraft over the last few years. These have been done in support of promoting unit heritage and moral. The ANG, Reserves and Active Duty force painted these three unique, temporary schemes.

The 405th FS scheme celebrates the 75th Anniversary of their squadron and replicates a P-47 scheme from Western France in 1944.
The A-10 Demonstration Team scheme pays homage to POW/MIA personnel from the Vietnam Conflict. This scheme will be on the jet for the entire 2021/2022 airshow season.
The paint scheme on the 303rd FS is from 2019 and their jet was painted with D-Day invasion stripes in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Invasion.
There are enough markings on this sheet to build all three jets. There is also dimensional information provided to mask and paint the invasion stripes on the aircraft.

Recommended Kits for this release are:
1/48th Hobby Boss A-10
1/48th Revell A-10
The decal sheet, with all of the exterior and internal door markings and stencils for all three...
The three markings captured on this sheet are:

A-10C Idaho ANG - P-47 patterned paint scheme commemorating the 75th anniversary of the 405th Fighter Squadron:
This version of A-10 heritage paint scheme is from the Idaho Air National Guard and revealed at the National Guard paint facility in Sioux City, Iowa. The historical paint scheme was designed as a tribute to the Thunderbolt’s World War II predecessor.The design on the A-10 was conceived by the 124th Fighter Wing of the Idaho ANG in order to celebrate the unit’s 75th anniversary and their lineage to the WWII era 405th Fighter Squadron. It is the most recent in the special markings for the Thunderbolt II.
The paint features a white nose, just like the early European theatre Jugs, WWII era U.S. Air Force roundels on the fuselage and wing, along with D-Day Invasion stripes all painted over an olive drab base coat. The “8N” painted on the side of the aircraft indicates the aircraft code of the 405th Fighter Squadron.
The paint scheme is designed to replicate the look of the original P-47 Thunderbolt as it appeared during the 2nd World War. The 124th Fighter Wing conceived the idea in order to commemorate the unit’s 75th anniversary and lineage to their predecessor, the 405th Fighter Squadron. 

A-10C USAF Demo Team - SEA paint scheme for the 2021-2022 airshow season.  POW/MIA commemorative markings:
The U.S. Air Force A-10C Thunderbolt II Demonstration Team, assigned to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, showcased a Vietnam-era SouthEast Asia (SEA) camouflage paint scheme. The new heritage paint scheme is for the 2021-2022 A-10C Thunderbolt II Demonstration Team. They wanted a scheme to commemorate the Vietnam veterans that are still alive and importantly remember the people that never made it home.
This skin is based on the F-105 Thunderchief camouflage (another Fairchild aircraft) created by Ryan Dorling and it is called the "Red River Hawg".On the left side of the aircraft on the nose are the names of the members of the 355th Tactical Fighter Wing, that were sadly KIA / MIA and also POW's. 
The scheme itself represents that of the paint scheme flown by the units F-105 Thunderchief's out of Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand in 1965.

A-10C 442nd Fighter Wing D-Day Anniversary markings from 2019:
Hawgsmoke A-10 Thunderbolt II gunnery competition from 17-20 October, 2018, at Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo. Shooting was set to take place at Cannon Range, near Laquey, Mo. The competition engaged A-10 pilots from around the world against the same tactical scenario, grading on weapon accuracy and flying ability. 
Hawgsmoke is a tradition that grew out of the Gunsmoke competition, which featured multiple airframes in a gunnery and bombing contest. While a competition on the surface, Hawgsmoke also provides A-10 pilots from around the world a chance to compare notes and strategies for various situations. 
This 1/48th scale "Heritage Hawgs" sheet is available now from Two Bobs directly or from their distributors. It looks to sell out fast if past special A-10 sheets are a guide. You can see more about this sheet and all of their other devals on the  Product Link on the Two Bobs Website