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Build review Pt IV: 48th scale Avro Lancaster B Mk.1 from Hong Kong Models

Adam O'Brien's build of Hong Kong Models 48th scale Avro Lancaster B Mk.1 is complete. In today's article, he does the final weathering and finishing off the model to a very high quality. It is a great finish to an interesting series in Pt.IV of his build guide...

Build review Pt III: Avro Lancaster B Mk.1
From Hong Kong Models
1/48th scale
Kit No# 01F005
Approximately 360 parts
Photo-etch parts included
Completed size: 648 (total width) x 443 (total length)
Cartograf decals included for two marking choices
Poster of the boxart is included
Price: ¥11,000 ($105 USD/ 75 GBP/ 86 Euro)
Product Link on the HLJ Website
Product Link on the HK Models Website
Previous parts of this build:

Part IV – Final Assembly & Weathering
Final construction of the model consisted of finishing the landing gear, bomb bay doors, exhaust shrouds and props. The kit bombs, while adequate to be displayed within the bomb bay, were left off the model, so I can add a couple of bomb trolleys under the aircraft (when something becomes available !. Before I started final assembly of the model, I added some much needed weathering to various areas. Engine oil streaking is described in the photo.
I gave the wheels a muddy appearance using the hairspray technique. Buff coloured acrylics were misted over a layer of hairspray, then partially removed with a brush, moistened with water.
The black areas of the model (of which there are a lot !) were particularly difficult to weather. Generally, I used hairspray chipping in small areas, along with buff coloured oils, blended with white spirit. The pre-shading here was particularly useful to produce some variation in the black.
A look at the mud buildup on the main wheels – again achieved with hairspray chipping, same as the tailwheel.
An example of my panel contrast on the black underside – buff coloured oils again, blended and faded.
Chipping of the black props and asbestos exhaust shrouds was again completed with a fine mist of hairspray. The prop edges were then rubbed with a wet brush, with the fine scratches done with a toothpick. The exhaust shrouds were completed in the same way.
The all-black underside of the aircraft. The exhaust staining was airbrushed on with insignia white, greatly thinned an applied in layers.
Another view of the underside showing the wing flap internals and the expansive bomb bay. The kits undercarriage is a sturdy structure that has 6 points of attachment.
Final Approach:
A final series of overall photos of the finished model. This new kit from HKM is a joy to build, with very few complaints from me. The main areas of difficulty (I found) were:
- Attaching the bomb bay doors – they have 3 points of attachment that I had to glue separately to allow the door to slightly “bend” with the fuselage. 
- The canopy required a fair bit of adjustment prior to final gluing, to enable a good fit. 
- Not being used to handling a model of this size, I found I was constantly bumping it against everything on my workbench – requiring lot of touch up ! 

A size comparison with my Spitfire in the same scale
- Note that the glue joint between the bomb bay “roof” part I56, and the fuselage sides must be rock-solid, as this will be taking the load from the wings.
Hong Kong Models have produced a stunning 1/48th scale kit of the Lancaster. Totally buildable with some beautiful detail throughout. A must for any Lancaster fan !
Adam O'Brien

Thanks to Hong Kong Models for sending this kit to Adam to build and review. You can see more about this kit and the others in HK Model's range on their website.