Friday, August 6

Hasegawa's new 24th scale "Mazda Savannah RX-7 (SA22C)" new tool test shot preview...

Hasegawa have been developing their new tooled 24th scale 1/24 "Mazda Savannah RX-7 (SA22C)" for some time. Now the good news of imminent arrival of the kit with the test shot photos released on their website. We have a look at them and see what we know about the kit in our preview...

Hasegawa's new 24th scale "Mazda Savannah RX-7 (SA22C)" new tool test shot preview... Test shot 

"Mazda Savannah RX-7 (SA22C)"
Kit Number
1/24 scale
New tooled kit
150 parts
Model total length: 180mm / width:71mm
Price 3200 yen
Due in October 2021
A solitary pure sport equipped with a rotary engine:
The Mazda Savannah RX-7 is a sports car equipped with a rotary engine that debuted in 1978 . A "front midship" is adopted, in which a high-output yet compact rotary engine is placed near the center of the front body. As a result, a sports car-like style with a low nose and light maneuverability have been realized, and it has gained popularity with enthusiasts and collectors alike. Hasegawa has released a new tooled kit replicating this machine in 1/24th scale.
The CAD images of the kit that were recently previewed...
The kit reproduces the highest grade of the previous version of this car with a completely new mould based on thorough coverage of the actual vehicle. The kit contains:

-Retractable headlights can be opened and closed.
-Plastic in a dark green colour
-Silver-plated parts for the exclusive aluminum wheels, the inside of the headlights, the mirror, and the emblem.
-A separate window decal.

Hasegawa has released close up shots of the parts of the test kit on their website that show in detail the makings of the new tooled works:

The body shell of the sleek RX-7
Bumper (part color: green)
Back of the car body & front grip (part color: grey)
Inside the car body (part color: grey)
Underneath the body...
Inside the door (part color: grey)
Dashboard (part color: grey)
Steering, shift knob (part color: grey)
Front seat (part color: green)
Rear seat (part color: grey)
Side moldings (part color: green)
Movable retractable headlights (part color: grey)
Headlight cover (part color: green)
Exhaust pipe (part color: green)
Windshield & blinkers (clear parts)
You can find out more about this kit and Hasagawa's other products on the Product link on the Hasegawa website