Friday, August 6

Preview: First test shots of Revell's 48th scale SR-71: The Black Bird coming into the light...

Revell is releasing more on its "Grey Project" as they call it, the 1/48th scale new tooling of the SR-71 BLackbird. They have just released photos of the first test shot under construction by their design team. We have some information on the kit in our preview...

Preview: First test shots of Revell's 48th scale SR-71: The Black Bird coming into the light...
SR-71 Blackbird
From Revell 
Kit No #04967 
1/48th scale
The test shots of the SR-71 Blackbird are here! Yesterday on Revell's own blog they added to the already released CAD images with all -new images of the plastic test show to the kit - due for October release.

 The first CAD image of the kit from Revell's "Grey Project" SR-71 can be seen here:
The "Grey Project" as the designers are calling it is the new SR-71 Blackbird on a 1/48th scale. It will be a big bird, and there are lots of features that keep in tune with such a high profile release. 

The plastic is REAL people!
The J58 engines on the display stand - both included as well as the option of the aircraft on the deck with the gear down in regular display mode are included.

The J58 engines are on the display stand. A lot of wiring is already in place as a base for super detailing.
Some modellers have asked whether the detailed engines can also be installed in the aircraft itself. Revell's designers did not plan this so the answer is no - however, experienced model builders can of course try to install them. 

From the rear showing the "cans"
Take into account that this is a test shot, and things are still subject to change as the assemblies are constructed, the experts notice more things that need to be fixed, but it is looking promising so far...

The internal structures of the J58 are visible from the rear. More detail than most Revell kits of recent times...
During the first build of this test shot Revell's team are learning which tricks and tricks are important to give the model builder customers of Revell the best possible handicraft experience and result. 

Hands-on experience is telling them a lot about the kit. Take into account this is a test shot when you look at gaps and surface blemishes in this kit so far.
Revell's product manager of the SR-71 Volker Vahle will soon be giving the modelling public more of an insight into this kit on Revell's blog.

You can see more about this kit on Revell's blog.