Thursday, September 9

Preview: Aircraft in detail series # 23 - C-160 Transall from HMH Publications

The "Duke Hawkins" series of aircraft in detail books is turning 23 with this, their latest in the series, a book on the C-160 Transall. We have high-res photos and details of what to expect in the book in our preview...

New release from HPH Publications for October 2021

C-160 Transall
Duke Hawkins - Aircraft in detail
From HMH-Publications #23
By Marcus Fülber & Jens Schymura
Full-colour photos
This book is in the English language.
Product Number #DH-023 
Softcover, 116 pages.
Size: 240 mm x 240 mm, high quality paper.
Price: 23€
HMH Publications present the newest in the modern aircraft series of HMH Publications, this one features a heavy lifter that has seen more service and is used in more countries than many people realize. After their previous books on the Su-35S Flanker E and the A400M Atlas, HMH go a little back in time with books on an aircraft that has had a long career, the C-160 Transall. Both aircraft have a history going back to the 1960s.
DH-023 brings a 116-page portrait of the C-160 Transall, a versatile transport aircraft that is in service with the armed forces of Germany, France and Turkey.
C-160 Transall is a two-engined transport aircraft that has been in service for over 54 years. Every detail of the elegant aircraft in service with air forces of Germany, France, Turkey and South Africa is included as well as some surprisingly dynamic action photos. The cockpit, cargo bay, fuselage, wings, vertical tail, and of course an extensive maintenance chapter is included.
Although this aircraft has been around for 54 years (it is being retired by the end of this year) but has hardly been covered in books. The book shows every version of the Transall: the German C-160D, French C-160F, NG (New Generation), R (Renové) and G (Gabriel), Turkish C-160T and South African C-160Z. 
So, not only the transport version of the aircraft, but also the Electronics version of the Armée de l'air, of which only 2 were built. Like the other books, it is a mix of details and action. 
Every part of the aircraft is shown in detail, from the fuselage, wings, landing gear, to the cockpit, cargo bay, etc. As usual, an extensive maintenance chapter is included. The action shows the many versions of the aircraft, as well as some spectacular air-to-air photographs, made specifically for this publication.
You can order this book if you like what you see from the HMH-Publications website or their distributors worldwide.