Thursday, September 9

Preview: ICM set their pony free in the form of a 48th scale OV-10D+ Bronco

ICM Models second wild horse is on the way. this, the modernized version of the OV-10D+ Bronco US Light Attack Aircraft in 48th scale will follow their Vietnam-Era OV-10A kit. We think this one will be just as appealing to modellers. We have a look at the CAD drawings and the real thing in our preview...

Preview: ICM set their pony free in the form of a 48th scale OV-10D+ Bronco

OV-10D+ Bronco
From ICM Models
Item Number #48301
1/48th Scale
Box Size 410 X 260 X 55 Mm
Earlier this year we saw pictures of two new Bronco OV-10's from ICM. One was the Vietnam-era OV-10A, the other, the modernized OV-10D+ version. We have seen some of the OV-10A already, now time to look at the renders for the late model version of OV-10D+ Bronco.
The Subject:  OV-10D+ Bronco Light attack aircraft
The OV-10D was the second generation OV-10 Bronco developed under the NOGS program. The D-model was an extensively modified OV-10A airframe, adding a forward-looking infrared night-vision system with a turret-mounted camera under an extended nose, visually distinct from the short rounded nose of the A-model. 

A recently restored OV-10D+ Bureau Number 155493.
The D model also has bigger engines and larger fibreglass propellers. Other noticeable external differences are the chaff dispensers installed midway down the booms and infrared-suppressive exhaust stacks (which mix the exhaust with colder air to reduce the aircraft's heat signature). 17 were modified from OV-10A. 

A Marine OV-10D+ of Marine Air Group Thirteen (MAG-13), 3rd Marine Air Wing flies along the coastline Just off Kuwait City, Kuwait during Operation DESERT STORM look­ing for Iraqi targets. The OV-10D+ was much more capable of operating in this high threat area than the earlier OV-10A because of its Improved countermeasures systems. 
The OV-10D+ was the next USMC upgrade, consisting of A and D aircraft being extensively reworked at MCAS Cherry Point Naval Air Rework Facility with new wiring and strengthened wings. Engine instrumentation was changed from round dials to tape readouts. The Marine Corps, which was the last U.S. military service to fly the Bronco on a widespread basis, retired the last of its examples in 1995.

In three-tone green and grey camouflage typical of the '90s & 2000s, this OV-10D+ was at one time used by NASA
OV-10D+'s were transferred to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in July 1994. Then transferred to the State Department on October 1, 1996. Converted to a spray configuration and sent to Columbia on February 25, 1997, to do anti-drug surveillance and anti-foliage work spraying large parts of the jungle as a part of the counter-narcotics operations in Latin America.

After its service in the War on Drugs, the Mangic Foundation subsequently acquired the aircraft for its OV-10 Squadron project, which is focused on preserving the history of the Bronco and honouring the pilots that flew them. The OV-10 Squadron announced that it had restored 155493 back to flying condition in July 2019.OV-10D+, BuNo 155493, after its recent restoration to flying condition.
The kit: ICM's 48th scale OV-10D+ Bronco
This new kit is the second in 48th scale from ICM. There is NO Photo-etch, and ICM has included masks on the instruction sheet to trace out and cut, plus several marking choices from the Gulf war era aircraft.
A full weapons suite and pylons to carry them on are included in the kit. Detailed wheel gear cabins are also promised.
The OV-10D+ updated cockpit is different to the regular OV-10D cockpit, and ICM looks to have captured some of those features here.
That nose down, tail up pose of the Bronco is captured well in this render...
No news on any interior other than the cockpit for now, but we will fill you in when it arrives at the end of the year for review...
The large glazed sections will need masking, and ICM uses a system of including a template on their instruction sheet that you simply cover with tape, then trim yourself.
This kit is scheduled to be released in December.

If you want to know more about this kit check out the ICM Models Website for more info as it comes along...