Wednesday, October 6

Preview: More photos, this time of kit parts of Border Model's new Lancaster B.MK.I/III in 32nd scale

We have more information on Border Model's 1/32nd scale Lancaster B.MK1/III kit. Some points & additions are confirmed by the kit parts on sprues in our rolling preview...
Preview: More photos, this time of kit parts of Border Model's new Lancaster B.MK.I/III in 32nd scale

Avro Lancaster B.MK.I/III
From Border Model
Kit No #BF010
1/32nd scale
Due for pre-order in December
Today Border Models have released even more news on their first 1/32nd aircraft kit, the Avro Lancaster w/full Interior, kit no #BF010.
Due to the change of events for WingNut Wings in 2020, Border Model has ended up acquiring the moulds for this kit. They have spent the last year doing more testing, fixing, including making instructions without design drawings in order to make this epic kit a success.
The kit is now complete and ready for release. Border had contacted the artist, Mr Mark Postlethwaite. and purchased the rights to use one of his paintings for the box art of the kit.
Due to many production troubles and mould maintenance issues, the product will be sold in limited quantities worldwide and will not be produced again for a certain period of time afterwards. 
Update on 01/10/2021
We have new details about this kit. The CAD drawings of some of the features tell us a little more about the forthcoming kit's make up..

You can see by this picture the deformed stressed skin texture from riveting and pressure on the aircraft's surface...
A similar view from behind, showing the stressed skin pattern on the kit
The rear gunner's Fraser Nash FN20 tail turret had four .303's at hand, and again, these will be the metal barrelled type on this limited edition kit.
A side view of the bomb aimers' position, the front gun turret and the pilot /engineer's station shows us a little more of the detail under the skin.
The detailed instrument panel is something to behold, with a lot of depth to the detail here...
Shown from below, you can see a lot of the internal structure of the kit, the whole nose section, the cockpit nad bomb bay, also the wheel wells. These exposed areas give us a lot better idea of what the kit's inside look like when assembled...
The bomb aimers' compartment and the nose gun turret. Here you see two of the eight .303 calibre brass gun metal barrels that are supplied with this kit.
The top dorsal turret of the Lanc's Fraser Nash FN50 mid-upper turret with twin .303 Brownings. Again, a close up of the skin texture is evident in the picture, even though it is only a CAD drawing.
Update on 07/10/2021
We have new details about this kit. Some sprue pictures with the features tell us a little more about the forthcoming kit's make up..
The stressed skin effect is evident on the front of the wing...
The starboard side flight engineers panel packed with plenty of wiring and detail.
The large wing with stressed texture and a method to affix the wings together
The main cockpit floor and some of the wiring on the crew compartment amongst the machinery.
Seat Belt harnesses moulded into the pilot's seat in plastic.
Fine riveting and stressed skin - anyone?
The underside of the great wings on the lancaster showing the same texture as the top
The side of the engine nacelle with bulged and stretched skin
The rear of the cokcpitradioman & navigator's station inside walls with details moulded into them.
The front section of the Lancaster up to the wing spar either side
The instrument panel showing fine detail and recesses dial bezels
More about this kit as it shows itself. It is available for pre-order on a limited run (initially) worldwide in most large model shops. Find out more on the  Border Models Website