Thursday, October 7

Preview: Italeri's for October releases in art, sprues & colours

Italeri has given us news of their four October releases - A beautiful Suzuki racer, an anniversary Jeep, a wargaming Jagdtiger and a colourful Hawk. We have art, decals, colour choices and sprue pictures in our preview...

Preview: Italeri's four October releases in art, sprues & colours

Suzuki RG 500 XR27
Kit No #4644 
1/9th Scale 
Model Dim.: 21,5 cm
Color instruction sheet 
Chromed and rubber parts 
Screws, springs and rubber tubes
The Suzuki RG 500 is considered to be an icon of two-wheel racing motorcycles of the 1970s. It was specifically developed by the Japanese manufacturer Suzuki for the racing world, and built around the reliable and powerful 4-cylinder 500cc 2-stroke engine which provided up to 90 HP. With this bike Suzuki participated in the world championships in the 500 class, achieving an incredible series of consecutive victories that led to it retaining the "constructors" title for several years. 

The colours/markings included in this kit...
The decal sheet included.
One of the architects of this successful period was the British rider Barry Sheene, who also won the "pilots" title for two consecutive years, in 1976 and 1977. In addition to international competitions, the Suzuki RG 500 was particularly appreciated by private riders who raced it in both international competitions and in minor leagues.

The parts inside the box

Willys Jeep MB 80th Anniversary 1941-2021
Kit #3635 
1/24th Scale 
Model Dim.: 13,8 cm
Rubber Tyres
Color Instructions Sheet
In 1940, after World War II had broken out, the US general staff ordered various factories to design a light multi-purpose vehicle with all-wheel drive. The American Bantam Company, Willys Overland, and Ford Motor Co. competed with each other.

The colours/markings included in this kit...
The decal sheet included.
Willys prototype was chosen, which, after an initial run of 1500 vehicles, went into mass production at the beginning of 1941 and reached a total output of 640.000 units out of which 277.000 pieces were produced by Ford under a licensing agreement. This shows that the Jeep was the most widely produced light vehicle of the war industry during World War II.

The parts inside the box

Hawk T Mk. I
Kit No #2813
1/48th Scale
Super Decals Sheet For 4 Versions 
Colored Instructions Sheet
Model Dim.: 24,0 cm
The Hawk T Mk 1 was developed by Hawker Siddeley, today part of BAE Systems, to equip the Royal Air Force training units in the second half of the 1970’s. The Royal Air Force specific requirement was to have a new updated jet trainer to replace the old Folland Gnat. The advanced-trainer Hawk was characterized by a great maneuverability and thanks to its Rolls-Royce Adour turbofan engine was able to reach the max speed of Mach 0.84. 

The colours/markings included in this kit...
The decal sheet included.
The Hawk T1A, developed on the original Hawk T1 project, intended to replace the Hawker Hunter in the Royal Air Force’s Tactical Weapons Units. In fact, the original aircraft has been modified with the adoption of a centerline Aden 30 mm. gun pod and with the possibility to carry AIM-9L Sidewinder air-to-air missiles. Thanks to its good performance and its running cost the Hawk has been used by several air forces all over the World. The modified Hawk T1A is still used by the Royal Air Force "Red Arrows" aerobatic team.

The parts inside the box

Sd.Kfz. 186 Jagdtiger
Kit No #15770
1/56th Scale (28 Mm.)  
Easy To Assembly For Gamers And Collectors
100% New Mould 
Tanker Included
The powerful Sd.Kfz. 186 “Jagdtiger” was built onto the elongated hull of the Tiger II heavy tank in the latter stages of the Second World War. Inside its mighty casemate was the 128 mm PaK 44 cannon, armed with shells that could pierce the armour of all opposing enemy tanks. This self-propelled ‘tank buster’ was deployed effectively and lethally against even the most recently introduced Soviet heavy tanks such as the IS-2. The Jagdtiger had a huge weight of almost 76 tons.

The colours/markings included in this kit...
The decal sheet included.
The large cannon and heavy armour whilst effective, could not outweigh the poor manoeuvrability and low speeds of the vehicle in battle. The significant weight affected its reliability, and production volumes were also limited. However, the Jagdtiger  for its offensive capacity alone, ranks as the high point of German production of self-propelled tank destroyers during World War 2.

The parts inside the box
These new kits are now for sale from Italeri directly from their website or from their distributors worldwide.