Tuesday, October 12

Preview: Border Model's 1/35th scale StuG III Ausf.G Late w/full interior (& crew & lots of other gear)

It seems that Border Model is jumping on the StuG III bandwagon now with its latest release, the Ausf.G "late" model with a crew and a full interior. The kit has lots of features in the first limited edition release, and we take you through what we know in our preview...
Preview: Border Model's 1/35th scale StuG III Ausf.G Late w/full interior.

StuG III Ausf.G Late w/full interior.
From Border Model
1/35th scale
Kit No #BT-020
Designed by T-Rex Studio  
Photo-etch included
Four crew included
Metal barrel & shells are included.
Five marking choices are included in the box
Price: $80 USD at Hobbylink Japan
The subject: The StuG III Ausf.G Late production
The Sturmgeschütz III (Assault Gun) was one of the most deadly German armoured fighting vehicles of the Second World War. Although originally designed as an infantry support weapon, by 1944 its primary role had shifted to tank destroyer. It proved a deadly opponent to Allied armour, especially on the Western Front against the British and Americans. Its powerful high velocity 75mm StuK40/L48 cannon was able to destroy British and American armour with ease. Furthermore, its low silhouette made it difficult to spot, making it an ideal ambush weapon that blunted many Allied assaults.

This kit from Border Model
So the latest in the year of the StuG is this, Border Model's 35th entry of the late Stug Ausf.G with a full interior and crew included! It seems like the companies are trying everything to up the ante nowadays huh?
The kit comes with several features, a metal gun barrel and shells, the figures of four crew to populate the tank along with their stowage, fuel drums, wooden boxes, helmets, zeltbahns, a mantlet canvas cover and many other accoutrements.
To add to this, the first set of kits is issued with a replica of the Panzer Assault Badge
The kit is designed by T-Rex Studio, and it includes photo-etch to replicate the finer parts of the model. There is also five marking choices are included in the box.

More about this kit as it shows itself. Find out more on the  Border Models Website