Friday, November 5

Preview: Italeri's for November novelties in art, sprues & colours

We look at Italeri Official Account's four November releases - The long-awaited sprues of the Tornado ECR, a small scale Jaguar, a special WRC rally car & a Monte Cassino battle set with Polish & German combatants. We have art, decals, colour choices and sprue pictures in our preview...

Preview: Italeri's for November novelties in art, sprues & colours

Montecassino Abbey 1944 Breaking the Gustav" Line - BATTLE SET
Kit No #6198
1/72nd scale
Box Dim. 440 x 270 x 70 mm
During the Italian campaign, in the period from January to May 1944, the allied forces under the command of General Mark Clark, advanced upon the German 10th Army commanded by General Heinrich von Vietinghoff, who were entrenched in defensive positions along the Gustav Line. 

The colours/markings included in this kit...
The cornerstone of the Gustav Line was the small town of Cassino which controlled the river Liri valley. Cassino itself was dominated by the historic Benedictine abbey of Montecassino, which was an important strategic observation and defensive position of the German forces. 

The plastic parts inside the box. These include a Sherman and a StuG in 72nd scale and many soldiers.
The laser cut wooden parts inside the box
The wooden abbey once constructed..
 The determined resistance offered by the German troops, who held their positions for almost four months, was assisted by the difficult weather conditions, which hindered the allied advance. Fierce fighting ensued to try and oust the Germans from their stubbornly held defensive line. It was not until mid-May that the German positions were finally breached, which allowed the allied advance to Rome to ensure its liberation in June 1944.

Some of the parts made up
The completed scene...

Jaguar GR.1/GR.3 RAF
Kit No #1459
1/72nd Scale 
Model Dim. 23,3 cm
Colour instruction sheet 
The Jaguar ground attack aircraft, born in the 1960s from a collaborative project of the French and British aviation industry, was used by the Royal Air Force until the late mid-2000s, demonstrating extraordinary longevity and operational efficiency. Thanks to its two turbojet engines it was able to reach and exceed Mach 1.6. It has been used, carrying out numerous missions, in operational areas characterized by a high level of complexity, including the Balkans and Iraq. 

The colours/markings included in this kit...
The decal sheet included.
In particular, the "all-weather" Jaguar Gr. 3 single-seater version has been significantly updated in avionics and has been equipped with terrain mapping and GPS tracking systems to optimize the role of ground-attack aircraft.

The parts inside the box

Fiat 131 Abarth 1977 Sanremo Rally Winner
Kit No #3621
1/24th Scale 
Model Dim. 17,4 cm
The Fiat 131 Abarth was built on the frame of the two-door Fiat sedan. The development made by Abarth considered several modifications and improvements starting from the reduction of the body weight using lighter materials. 

The colours/markings included in this kit...
Then some new fenders, to permit the adoption of larger wheels, were installed and new air-intakes on the hood and on the sides to optimize the cooling of the mechanics were designed. The engine was a 4-cylinder longitudinal engine characterised by the use light alloy head and 4 valves per cylinder. The Fiat 131 Abarth was built in 1976 and it was used in the World Rally Championship where achieved important results as three manufacturers’ championships, one pilots’ championship and one FIA trophy. 

The decal sheet included.
The masks included for the transparencies
It took part in international competitions until 1982 when it was replaced by the Lancia brand cars. One of the most famous victories was the prestigious 1977 San Remo Rally. The Fiat car achieved its success with notable drivers such as J.C. Andruet and C. Delferrier.

The parts inside the box
Vinyl tyres are included in this kit.

Tornado ECR  
1/32nd Scale 
Kit Number #2517
Length: 52.1cm
Over 350 parts including vinyl tyres & photo-etch.
The kit contains plastic parts, vinyl tyres & Photo-etch included in the kit
The Subject: Panavia Tornado ECR  
Tornado ECR (Electronic Combat and Reconnaissance) has the electronic warfare equipment and weapons for the suppression of enemy air defences and for electronic and tactical reconnaissance, whilst retaining all the capabilities of the Tornado IDS.

Tornado IT-ECR 50 ° Stormo AM
This specialised version of the Tornado is only operated within the Air Forces of Germany and Italy. It was developed specifically for reconnaissance and the location and suppression of enemy anti-aircraft systems. The formulation of the German requirement was dated in the early Eighties and resulted in a Luftwaffe order for 35 new build aircraft in 1986. Deliveries continued until 28th January 1992, when the 35th and final example was handed over, the aircraft also being the last of the 357 aircraft manufactured by MBB. 
The Italian ECR configuration was very close to the ECR German aircraft configuration, with Italy deciding to have 16 IDS aircraft converted to the ECR avionic and weapons fit. The first aircraft was delivered on 7th April 1998.
Fifty-one Tornado ECR aircraft were produced as follows:

Italeri's new 32nd scale Tornado ECR Kit 
First announced in the catalogue early this year, the new 32nd scale kit suits both Italian and German aircraft in service. From hints on the decal sheet, we can see that the weapons loadout in this kit is the AGM 88A, Aim-9L, Boz 107 pod and Cerberus pod along with large drop tanks.
Marking choices in this kit:
Three choices are included in this kit. As usual, Italeri never miss a chance to show off Italian aircraft, but also, a German Luftwaffe aircraft is featured in the selection.

 Panavia Tornado ECR, "46 + 54" German Air Force Serial #4354
Luftwaffe, Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 51,
Royal International Air Tattoo, Fairford AB, UK, 2017
Panavia Tornado ECR c/n 898, l/n GS287 / 4354 Operated by Taktisches  Luftwaffengeschwader 51 (TLG-51), German Air Force, based at Schleswig. Seen departing after taking part in the 2017 Royal International Air Tattoo. RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire, UK.

Panavia Tornado ECR "50-07" Serial #MM7053 Italian Air Force
EA-200B  ECR, Aeronautica Militare, 6o Stormo, 155mo Gruppo, Ghedi Montichiari Air Base, 2019.
Panavia Tornado ECR of the famous 155 Gruppo/50 Stormo seen here at the Florennes Air Base Airport, in Florennes Belgium in 2009.

Panavia Tornado ECR "6-0101" Serial #MM7053 Italian Air Force
EA-200B ECR, Aeronautica Militare, 50° Stormo, operation “Unified Protectors”, Trapani-Birgi Air Base, March 2011.
This marking is the same serial number, but different code of "6-0101". This Panavia EA-200CD Tornado ECR MM7053 from the 6-101 ItAF 6° Stormo is seen here at ETAD/SPM Spangdahlem AB in 2019.
Decal sheets:
Two decal sheets are provided in this kit, with the main sheet holding the main markings of the three aircraft on offer. Luftwaffe & Italian air Force national markings. Low & High viz markings for MM7053 and the large panther on the fin of the "51 Tigers" Luftwaffe markings are prominent. The walkway lines and marking for the weapons suite of AGM 88A, Aim-9L, Boz 107 pod and Cerberus pod are included.
The second decal sheet features the common markings of both aircraft, with the high-viz Italian roundel and several warning stencils included. Decals for the pylons and droptanks on the German Tornado and common cockpit markings are included also.
The parts inside the box
The sheet of photo-etch
Vinyl tyres and wing gloves are supplied in this kit
These new kits are now for sale from Italeri directly from their website or from their distributors worldwide.