Friday, October 8

Preview: Miniart wind-up production with the G7117 1,5T 4x4 Cargo Truck w/Winch

MiniArt continues to expand the Chevy truck range with the popular G7117 1,5T 4x4 Cargo Truck w/Winch in 35th scale. How is this one different you ask? We look at the truck and the kit in our preview...
Preview: Miniart wind-up production with the G7117 1,5T 4x4 Cargo Truck w/Winch

G7117 1,5T 4x4 Cargo Truck w/Winch  
From MiniArt
Kit No #35389
1/35th scale
The kit contains a truck + 2 repairmen
Six colour variants are included in this kit
Photo-etch parts are included
Expected in November
The Subject: G7117 1,5T 4x4 Cargo Truck w/Winch
The Chevrolet 1 1/2 ton 4x4 Cargo Truck (G7107) was part of the G506 series of 1 1/2 ton closed cab trucks built by Chevrolet in large numbers during World War II. The G7107 is the basic cargo truck of the G506 series, with a standard 9-foot bed. The G7107 Cargo Truck was produced with cargo beds made of both wood and metal.

A US Navy version of the truck from the front...
...and the rear...
The G7117 Chevrolet 1 1/2 ton 4x4 Cargo Truck was the same vehicle but with a front-mounted PTO winch.

A close up of the winch on the trick that signifies it as a G7117 
Some of the trucks in this boxing in real life, the Brazilian version here with southern cross on the doors
Members of the 93rd Infantry Division, the army’s first all-Black combat division of World War II, sit at attention after finishing basic training at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. They used the G7117 trucks as you can see in the background. This marking is included in the kit.
A G7117, 1.5t of the Red Army towards war's end in 1945
The new kit from Miniart:
We have some images of the kit's sprues to show you that indicate a lot of the features of this forthcoming kit...
- The truck adds the front-mounted PTO winch to differentiate it from the G7107 kit.
- The truck comes with metal sides and wooden slats or railings.
- The front grille for the front is made from Photo-etch - MiniArt supply tools to bend this in the correct manner
- The cab comes in several curved parts that join at seams to make construction easier. The roof itself is a single part.
- The full chassis, engine, running gear, suspension and linkages for the truck are included
- A spare wheel is of course included. The full engine bay is provided in this boxing.
- Passenger doors, the hood and tailgate can be posed open or closed. Also, the bonnet (hood) is of course able to be opened to show off that lovely engine compartment. The steel wire mesh is provided in these photo-etched parts, as are the battery brackets. the rear cargo door can also be posed open.
- There are two options for the front fenders that sit above two types of wheels provided in the kit. The rear bumpers are also photo-etched.
- The side bracket for the trucks tools is included with photo-etched details.
- The rear benches can be posed flat or horizontally
- Scale thick photo-etched parts are used for tie-downs on the tray.
- Spare jerry cans with brackets to hold them are included
- Clear parts for the windows and lights are of course included.

We also have the sprues to add to the preview to show you a little of the plastic in the kit

Two figures of repairmen are included in the kit
There is of course photo-etch to add to the kit and six decal choices are included in the kit.
The six colour schemes in the box...