Sunday, October 24

Preview: Revell's six kits in our December preview...

We have the dope on six of Revell's kits on sale for November. A new Blackbird, a Razor Crest, a topless German stunner & a sturdy workhorse meet some hot ex-Revell USA re-kits are all in our preview... 

Preview: Revell's five kits in our December preview...

1956 Ford Thunderbird
Product number: 14518
Number of parts:87
Length:192 mm/ Width:75 mm
Height:52 mm
Famously, the Pontiac® GTO is considered the first true "muscle car" produced by Detroit. They tried to stay ahead of the competition, and with 96,946 cars sold, the 1966 GTO provided record sales. Here, great design and unmatched performance were combined. And with the Tri-Power engine, the car completed the quarter-mile in 14.05 seconds.
Detailed 6.4-litre V8 engine with Tri-Power carburettors
Red lines created with pad printing
Choice of two sets of wheels
Moulded in white, transparent red and translucent material
Chrome-plated parts and elastic black tires

Lockheed SR-71 A Blackbird
Product number: 04967
1/48th scale
Number of parts:205
Length: 680mm / Wingspan:355mm
Even more than 20 years after its decommissioning and almost 60 years after its first flight, myths still surround the SR-71 Blackbird. 
What is certain, however, is that the spy plane developed at Lockheed's legendary Skunk Works on behalf of the CIA was the first aircraft invisible to enemy radar and the fastest and highest-flying aircraft in the world to this day.
More information on this kit's development can be found in an earlier article we made about the test shot build...
68 cm long
Illustrated, multilingual assembly instructions
Decals included

Porsche 911 G Model Targa
Product number: 07689
1/24th scale
Number of parts:114
Length:179mm / Width:79mm
In addition to the coupe, the G model was also offered in the popular Targa variant. The Carrera 3.2 is still considered the best classic Porsche ever.
Multi-part six-cylinder engine
Optional left- or right-hand drive
Removable roof centre section
Decals with various license plates (D, A, CH, F, B, NL, GB, I, E, DK)

The Mandalorian: The Razor Crest
Product number: 06781
1/72nd Scale
Number of parts:70
The Razor Crest is the transport ship of the mysterious bounty hunter known only as "The Mandalorian". Originally used for local patrols, the gunboat is also equipped with an extensive weapons locker and a facility for freezing captured people in carbonite blocks.

The sprue parts:
The Revell test build of this kit: Done to a time restraints obviously...
Ship of the main character of the hit series "The Mandalorian
Movable loading ramp
"The Mandalorian" pilot figure
Landing gear can be built either retracted or extended

Spencer Pollard's very recent build of the test kit comes out very well. You can see more of his work on his website "The Kit Box"

Fendt F20 Dieselroß
Product number: 07822
1/24th scale
The very first tractors developed by Johann Georg Fendt were called Dieselroß. The diesel-powered F20 series was particularly successful, with almost 9,000 units built between 1951 and 1957. This laid the foundation for what Fendt is today: one of the most successful tractor manufacturers in the world.
Rotating wheels
Movable engine hood
Thanks to the innovative easy-click system, quick success is guaranteed with this model: 
Multi-colored, precisely manufactured components are stably connected by simply plugging them together and decorated with stickers.

1951 Henry J Ford Gasser
Product number: 14514
1/25th scale
Width:70mm/ Height:67mm
From the mid-1950s, the gasser class was one of the most popular categories in drag racing. Small cars with short wheelbases were perfect for hot rodders to convert to gassers. You stripped them down, jacked them up, replaced the engine and off they went. The small size of the Henry J made it perfect for a gasser. 
The Henry J was manufactured by Kaiser-Frazer Corp. and was only available for 4 years. The Henry J was named after company president Henry J Kaiser and was sold from 1950 to 1954. Its small size was not what consumers were looking for and only just over 7,000 were sold. The Gasser class started around this time and were built until the mid 1970s. They were named Gasser because they ran on gasoline rather than methanol or nitromethane. They were not as fast as nitro cars, but were very popular with spectators.

Authentic representation of the following versions with decals included:
Detailed 427 SOHC engine.
Opening doors and opening hood
Complete gasser racing suspension and optional wheelie bars
True to original Ansen wheels & Simpson drag chute pack

All of these new products are available now from the Revell Website...