Wednesday, October 20

Video Preview: Bronco's new 48th scale Pony now comes with an instruction video

ICM plastic model kits new OV-1A Bronco in 48th scale is out to the shops as we speak. To help modellers & maybe to entice new adopters, a new video showing the whole construction process has been released. We look at it, the colours & markings in our preview...

Video Preview: Bronco's new 48th scale Pony now comes with an instruction video

Video Preview: Bronco OV-1A
From ICM Models
Kit Number: #48300
1:48th scale
Price:$45 USD from Hobbylink Japan
The Subject: OV-10А Bronco, US Attack Aircraft
The OV-10A Bronco was designed as a light multipurpose attack aircraft. Its missions were to strike at ground targets, provide close air support to its troops and reconnaissance.
It could also serve as a forward observation and guidance aircraft. The plane was actively used in Vietnam by the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Marines. The OV-10A Bronco’s main mission was to provide cover for U.S. Army, Marine Corps and Special Forces units, and patrol the areas where Vietnamese forces were operating. Often these aircraft performed missions formerly assigned to helicopters. While less maneuverable than helicopters, these attack aircraft had a larger payload and were less vulnerable to small arms fire.
The kit: ICM's 48th scale OV-10A Bronco
This new kit from ICM is pretty well known to most of you out there, and it looks to be pretty populare from what we see on the "socials".
The feature set includes:
• Model Size (Length X Width): 264 X 254 Mm
• Highly detailed fuselage and cockpit
• The model is completed with a set of suspended weapons
• Four marking options
A full weapons suite and pylons to carry them on are included in the kit. Detailed wheel gear cabins are also promised. The large glazed sections will need masking, and ICM uses a system of including a template on their instruction sheet that you simply cover with tape, then trim yourself.

There is NO Photo-etch, and ICM has included masks on the instruction sheet to trace out and cut, plus several marking choices from the Vietnam war era aircraft.

OV-10A 155471, Light Attack Squadron 4 (VAL-4) "Black Ponies", BinhThuy, 1971
OV-1ОА 155456, Marine Observation Squadron 6 (VMO-6), Quang Tri, 1969
OV-10A 67-14649, 20th Tactical Air Support Squadron, Da Nang, 1972
OV-10A 155416. Marine Observation Squadron 2 (VMO-2), Da Nang, 1969
OV-10A 155416, Marine Observation Squadron 2 (VMO-2), Da Nang, 1970
The decal sheet included in the kit:
Construction Video:
To coincide with this release ICM has done a very smart thing, and given us the video of the CAD parts of the kit being assembled. A really good idea to show the simplicity of the build,  and a feature we hope other model making companies can adopt...
This kit is scheduled to be released next month in November.

If you want to know more about this kit check out the ICM Models Website for more info as it comes along...