Monday, November 15

Preview: 1/32nd scale Avro Lancaster B "Grand Slam" from Hong Kong Models...

From a Telford almost bereft of new announcements came this, Hong Kong Models new Avro Lancaster "Grand Slam" kit in 1/32nd scale. We look at the real thing and what we know about the kit in our review...
Preview: 1/32nd scale Avro Lancaster B "Grand Slam" from Hong Kong Models...

Avro Lancaster B Mk.I "Grand Slam"
From Hong Kong Models
1/32nd scale 
Kit No #01E038
839 parts
Wingspan 972 mm / Length 664 mm
The Subject: Avro Lancaster B Mk.I "Grand Slam"
The Lancaster is well known to many modellers, but not so much this version, converted to carry the 22,000 Pound "Grand Slam" bomb for specialized targets that required a large, penetrating blast against a fixed enemy target.
Thirty-two Lancaster B Mk.I was adapted to take first the super-heavy "Tallboy" and then "Grand Slam" bombs. The engines were up-rated with paddle-bladed propellers gave more power, and the removal of some gun turrets reduced weight and gave smoother lines. 

A flight of three Avro Lancaster bombers of No. 617 Squadron, Royal Air Force, photographed 8 May 1945. The aeroplane closest to the camera, marked KC-B, is a Lancaster B Mk.I. The other two are Lancaster B Mk.I Specials modified to carry the 22,000 pound Grand Slam bomb. They are identified by the “YZ” fuselage codes.
For the Tallboy, the bomb bay doors were bulged; for the Grand Slam, they were removed completely and the area faired over. For some Tallboy raids, the mid-upper turret was removed. This modification was retained for the Grand Slam aircraft, and in addition, the nose turret was later removed. 

A “Bomb, Deep Penetration, 22,000 Pounds”—the Grand Slam—lifted by a crane at a Royal Air Force bomb dump. 
The kit from Hong Kong Models:
Although we have no CAD or kit sprues to look at we can assume that their already successful B.MKI kit will undergo changes in some parts to make the "Special" variant to carry the 22,000 pound "Grand Slam" bomb.
The deletion of the turrets is easy, with a new forward fuselage and nose also easy as the fuselage cuts in half just above the wing spar. The bomb will be of course supplied on a separate sprue, probably with any other parts needed to adapt this like the propellers and the bomb bay. There will no double be a trailer for the Grand Slam bomb also.

One aircraft is included on the decal sheet for this kit. YZ-J, a B Mk.I Special PD119/ of 617th Squadron, in Woodhall Spa, the UK in April 1945.
Avro Lancaster B Mark 1 (Special), PD119 'YZ-J', of No. 617 Squadron based at Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire, in-flight, May 1945. One of 32 aircraft was modified in February 1945 to carry the 22,000lb 'Grand Slam' deep-penetration bomb.
This aircraft was given a top light earth / light green with ocean grey undersides. The tail outsides were in regular camouflage until they were painted black and white to easier identify the leader's aircraft. The tail codes were in red with yellow outlining.

A colourized photo shows you a little more of what the aircraft looked like, there is also a "2" on the nose. The aircraft's code is repeated on the top of the horizontal tail. The Grand slam is painted light grey-green with a black nose section.
The decal sheets are currently being printed by Cartograf, and the single option is clear to see here.
A last picture of the cover girl, YZ-J, comes in the kit. You can see the black tails the deleted turrets and red/yellow tail codes clearly here.
We will have more on this kit when it is released in time for Christmas in December! Check the Hong Kong Models page for more info on their releases...