Monday, November 15

Preview: MiniArt's new second short-barrelled StuH kit announced...

Miniart has adapted their mould quite sensibly and made more than a few modellers happy with this, their new 1/35th scale StuH 42 Ausf. G Early Prod. May-June 1943. This short-barrelled infantry support vehicle was much loved by the troops, would this one be just as adored by modellers? Let's see what we know about it so far...

Preview: MiniArt's new second short-barrelled StuH kit announced...

StuH 42 Ausf. G Early Prod. May-June 1943
From MiniArt
Kit No #35349
1/35th scale
The kit contains four marking choices in the box.
Photo-etch & clear parts are included

The Subject: The StuH 42 Ausf. G Early Prod. May-June 1943
The StuH 42, SdKfz 142/2, or Sturmhaubitze 42 (StuH: Sturmhaubitze (assault howitzer) was a self-propelled gun that was used by Germany during World War II. Only about 1,300 StuH 42s were produced and were based on the StuG III F/8 and G models. The StuH 42 was first developed in 1942 when the need for an anti-infantry support vehicle was needed and the production of StuGs was in full force. 

One of the marking choices from the boxing, this StuH 42 is seen with large holes in the sides of the shurtzen.
It only seemed logical to convert this already battle-tested and readily available chassis into a specialist vehicle and because of the fact that many features were carried over, development time was cut short just in time for the Battle of Kursk where around seventy StuHs fought. They continued in both the Western and Eastern Fronts until the end of the war. In the end, around 1,200 were produced.

Another of the StuH's in this kit boxing, the muzzle brake is attached here, with a cover over it to keep dirt and dust out of the gun. The cupola with writing "Elch" (Moose) and a camouflage that looks like it was applied with a broom or very thick brush.
The kit from Miniart:
The third in the new StuG III series from MiniArt. We are not sure of the few details, but we can guess there are at least four marking choices in the box, maybe five. the kit is without interior parts, so this is an easy construction.
However, like the sister full interior kits - this kit also includes tow cables, tools and equipment for the exterior of the tank, hatches that can be posed opened or closed, clear parts are provided for the pericopes & individual track links are included