Thursday, December 23

Preview: Master Box new figure releases of January 2022

Masterbox continues to give us new scenarios & timeframes for our models. Today we look at two new sets in 24th scale from after the (inevitable) apocalypse. Two warriors fighting to their death & a man looking for salvation are the subjects of our preview today...

Preview: Master Box new figure releases of January 2022.

“Pоst-apocalyptic series. The Last Bridge. Kit No. 4. Vadim”
Kit No #24076 
1/24th scale.
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We recently previewed the first in the series of Post-apocalyptic figures in a series of seven from Masterbox. They are set in the post-apocalyptic world that one might see in games or on television and made in 1/24th scale is due to the growing popularity of this scale among modellers who focus on figures. 

You will notice from the sprue and the instructions that there is an alternate head choice with this figure.
Vadim, a lonely tramp, was forced to unite with other loners in order to survive and to find the Dream - the Last Bridge.

A CAD diagram of the figure with a lot of detail is afforded in a larger scale...
The kit includes a casting mould with parts for the assembly of a figure of an elderly raider and a cart with which he transports his possessions packed in a bale and a backpack.
“At the Edge of the Universe. Strange Company’s adventures. Episode V. Recognition” 
Kit No #24076
The kit includes the parts for the assembly of two figures – a girl gladiator and a mutant gladiator.

The creation of “Strange Company’s adventures” series of kits was based on a storytelling of several absolutely different people, from space strollers and swindlers to the military personnel of the space fleet became accidental carriers of a dangerous secret and were forced to unite in front of the face of a common threat represented by the powerful Galactic Security Service in order to survive.
Lieutenant Helen Parsons and mutant Chuck were captured by the Galactic Security Service, deprived of memory and sent as gladiators to participate in the All Galaxy Games. However, an accidental collision in the corridors of the Grand Arena destroyed the mechanisms blocking their memory. The memory returned, but now two implacable enemies had to reject mutual hate in order to unite and escape. Now their goal is to survive and take revenge on their enemies.

 kit continues the Spaceport series of kits dedicated to Space Fiction subject in 1/24 scale and represents remix of two old and successful kits – 24056 and 24057.
Look for these two new figures in the exciting new series in Masterbox's Distributor stores in sometime later this month.