Tuesday, January 4

Preview: Border Models new 88mm FlaK 37 & crew in 35th scale

In echoes of the Dragon kit in the past comes this new boxart for Border Model's new 35th scale 88mm gun with crew. See what we know about the kit in our preview...

Preview: Border Models new 88mm FlaK 37 & crew in 35th scale

German 88mm Gun FlaK 37 
W/6 Anti-Aircraft Artillerymen
From Border Model
Kit No # BT-013
1/35th scale
Photo-etch & Rubber tyres included.
Price: TBA
Expected in March 2022
The Subject: The German 88mm Gun Flak 37:
The German “88” was the most famous and feared artillery weapon of World War II.  Krupp company designers, working in Switzerland to avoid post-World War I treaty restrictions, developed the gun in the late 1920s.  The famous “flak” gun got its name from the German word Flugabwehrkanone, meaning aircraft defence cannon.  
During the Spanish Civil War, German troops fired the guns at oncoming tanks and fortified bunkers with very effective results.  This success in combat led to versions of the 88 mm equipped to engage ground targets that were in view or barrage enemies from long range.  The gun’s high muzzle velocity and heavy projectile made the “88” particularly effective against heavily-armoured vehicles.  The weapon was rugged, hard-hitting, and adaptable.
Across Occupied Europe during World War II, 88 mm guns were often employed to fire at high-flying Allied bomber formations.  The heavy gun could propel its 20.25-pound high-explosive shell to altitudes beyond 30,000 feet at a rate of about 15 projectiles per minute.  When an “88” shell hit directly, it often completely destroyed a bomber.
The updated German 88mm FlaK 37 guns added a rather sophisticated (for the time) fire-control data display unit. This anti-aircraft gun initially was to be used in the defence of the homeland, although 90 FlaK 37s were sold to Finland for defence against Soviet air raids. And nearly 200 of the guns fell into Norwegian hands when the Germans departed that country.
The Kit from Border Model:
1/35th scale FlaK 37 88mm anti-tank gun is a newly tooled kit from Border Model. We do not know the price, release date or colour choices yet, but we do know a few things about it for sure already.

The boxart is from Jason Wong, the gun comes with photo-etch parts, vinyl tyres for the mobile platform. The ammunition is included for the gun, we think in new and spent cartridges. The crew of six are depicted in the box in winter gear, we will see how they come in the kit later on.
This kit reminds us very much of the older Dragon kit #6260, however, that kit is the FlaK 36 version. So this version will have that fire-control data display unit.

Until we find out more check out the Border Models website for more information...