Monday, May 23

Preview: Takom's Mammoth new release (in more than one way) - the Vk 100.01(p)

Takom has another release fresh from Shizuoka - the Vk 100.01(p) Mammut was not even a paper panzer, but it was a mooted "mini Maus" and a proposed developmental step to that tank. We look at the Mammut proposal & the kit in our preview...

Preview: Takom's Mammoth new release (in more than one way) - the Vk 100.01(p)

Vk 100.01(p) Mammut
From Takom
1/35th scale
Kit No #2156
Photo-etch included 
The Subject: The Vk 100.01(p) Mammut
The Vk 100.01(p) Mammut (the German word for Mammoth) was a version of the Maus from June 4, 1942. The 120-ton predecessor of the superheavy tank existed only in blueprints and never saw service. This vehicle was only an intermittent stage in the development of the Maus. 

A proposed drawing of what may have been the Vk 100.01 (p)
Professor Porsche prepared the first design drawing on June 4, 1942. It had the number K 3381 and was done by Ing. Leopold Schmid. The designation from Porsche for the project was “Porsche Typ 205”. The drawing showed a streamlined tank with up to 120mm armour and 120 tons of weight.

The Mammut in its natural habitat - the snow and ice of "World of Tanks"
The turret’s weight alone was 23 tons, carrying a massive 15cm KwK L/40 – with some modifications done to the ammunition. The projectile's weight was decreased from 43kg to 34kg to increase ROF to 4-5 rounds per minute and the muzzle velocity to 845 m/s. As an alternative, a 12,8cm L/50 with a muzzle velocity of 810 m/s was also considered during the development of the tank. The powerhouse was driven by an air-cooled 16-cylinder diesel engine, with a comparable propulsion system to the Tiger (P) – every track was boosted by a single electrical engine.

A World of Tanks render of the Vk 100.01(p) in the game
Hitler approved of Porsches' concept, but even the thicker armour did not satisfy him. He wanted more armour, which led to more mass, which led to a complete redesign of the tank, eventually becoming the Mäuschen, then later the Maus.

The comparable size of the Mammut & Maus
Made popular by the game "World of Tanks", let us reiterate this tank never existed and was only a mooted development of the latter Maus...

The Kit: Takom's Vk 100.01 (p) Mammut.
This kit is still in the late development stage at takom, but it has already caused a spell with people suggesting everything else (as usual). At least Takom is doing something different!
The 35th scale kit has the choice of two barrels for the gun, one a metal barrel. We also noticed that one gun is smaller than the other one - Maybe like in WOT, there is a choice of 15 cm KwK L/40 or the 12,8 cm KwK L/50? Who knows?

We also noticed that the tracks and the suspension will be very similar to the Vk 100.01(p)'s suspension. the suspension will move up and down if you want to create a moving track.

There are also two choices of engine deck for your kit offered in this kit.

The kit should be available in July...

That is all we know about this release for now. You can see more about Takom's kits on their website or on their Facebook page