Sunday, January 2

Preview: Hobbyboss new January items are with us in art, sprues, colours & decals...

The sprues, colours & markings for Hobbyboss' new items of January 2022 have just been released. So we thought it only right we show you what's coming, with information about the kit to give you a better picture of these two new big-box kits of January.

Preview: Hobbyboss new items released in January...

UH-1 Huey B/C
Model: 81807
1/18th scale
Price: $120 USD From Hobbylink Japan
Bell UH-1 "Iroquois" helicopter is usually called "Huey". It is a multi-purpose military helicopter, which was developed in 1955 by the U.S. Army Air Force on the basis of the Bell- 204 helicopters of Bell Company. In the early military to its No. HU-1, 1959 for the first time to perform military tasks, from 1962 onwards all the production are unified renamed the UH-1 series. 

The colour choices supplied with this kit
The decals supplied with this kit
After modernization and improvement of the UH-1 family, its various models continued to be produced until 1976. The total production number exceeded 16,000, of which about 7,000 participated in the Vietnam War that made the "Huey" famous.

The sprues of the kit
Transparent parts for the glazing of the kit.
Soft vinyl parts for the ammunition belts...
Model Length: 845mm Width: 220mm
Metal screws included for securing larger parts
The kit consists of over 160 parts

American M911 Tank Transporter W. Talbert 64t Trailer
Kit No #85524
1/35th scale
Price: $213 USD From Hobbylink Japan
The M911 was developed by Oshkosh in the 1970s and is used by the United States Army to carry heavy equipment such as tanks. It is called the C-HET (Commercial Heavy Equipment Transporter). It can tow up to 69 tons and was active in the transportation of M1 Abrams tanks during the Gulf War.

The colour choices supplied with this kit
The decals supplied with this kit
This kit from Hobby Boss accurately models the M911 that pulls a trailer manufactured by Talbert. It comes with photo-etched parts and soft resin tires; more than 600 parts.

The sprues of the kit...
Model Length: 626.3mm /  Width: 96mm 
Total Plastic Parts 600+
Total of 15 sprues, tires and semi-trailer bed
Metal spring, thread & steel tube included
Photo Etched Parts included
Detailed multi-directional slide-molded cab
Full drive train assembly complete with engine transmission, differential  housing and suspension units.
The main tires are hollow rubber with very good tread pattern
Wheel hubs are in great detail

These new kits are (or should soon be) available from Hobbyboss' Distributors Worldwide...