Monday, January 3

Three new releases launching in January from Trumpeter...

Trumpeter's three newest kits are with us in plastic, colours, decals and boxart. See the two warships and the mobile missile delivery systems' contents in our preview...

Three new releases launching in January from Trumpeter...

USS Guam CB-2
Model: #06739
1/700th scale
Price: $36 USD from Hobbylink Japan
USS Guam (CB-2) was an Alaska-class large cruiser that served with the United States Navy during the end of World War II. She was the second and last ship of her class to be completed. The ship was the second vessel of the US Navy to be named after the island of Guam, an American territory in the Pacific. Due to her commissioning late in the war, Guam saw relatively limited service during the war. She participated in operations off Okinawa in March–July 1945, including providing anti-aircraft defence for the carrier task force and conducting limited shore bombardment operations. She participated in sweeps for Japanese shipping in East China and Yellow Seas in July–August 1945. After the end of the war, she assisted in the occupation of Korea and transported a contingent of US Army troops back to the United States. She was decommissioned in February 1947 and placed in reserve, where she remained until she was stricken in 1960 and sold for scrapping the following year.

The colour choices of this kit
The decals are included in this kit.
The CB-2 Guam, the U.S. Navy's second Alaska-class cruiser, is the subject of this new model kit from Trumpeter! Her hull is slide-moulded, and the superstructure such as the deck and bridge are delicately moulded for excellent detail. A display stand with a nameplate and photo-etched parts are included.

The sprues included in the kit
Model Length: 352.1mm   Beam : 40.2mm
Total Parts 370+
Metal anchor chain
Total of 9 sprues, hull & deck
 - The hull is made from multi-directional slide moulds.
-Deck wood pattern finely rendered
-Contains display stand and engraved name plate
-Photo-Etched parts included

Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) 
Model: #07176
1/72nd scale
Price: $37 USD from Hobbylink Japan
Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), formerly Theater High Altitude Area Defense, is a United States Army anti-ballistic missile system designed to shoot down short, medium, and intermediate-range ballistic missiles in their terminal phase using a hit-to-kill approach. The missile carries no warhead but relies on the kinetic energy of the impact to destroy the incoming missile. A kinetic energy hit minimizes the risk of exploding conventional warhead ballistic missiles, and nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles will not explode upon a kinetic energy hit, although chemical or biological warheads may disintegrate or explode and pose a risk of contaminating the environment. THAAD was designed to hit Scuds and similar weapons.

The colour choices of this kit
The decals are included in this kit.
 According to a statement released On July 7, 2016, the Pentagon announced it is conducting formal feasibility studies for placement of a THAAD battery in South Korea “as a defensive measure to ensure the security of the ROK(Republic of Korea) and its people and to protect alliance military forces from North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile threats.”After North Korea's reported launch of three Rodong missiles near the coast of Japan on September 5, 2016, Beijing publicly voiced opposition to such a deployment, citing concerns that it would not be "conducive to strategic stability in the region, and could intensify disputes."

The sprues included in the kit
Model Length: 225mm /  Width: 72mm  
Total of 7 sprues, cab, frame and tires
The kit consists of over 130 parts
- Rubber tires

German Gneisenau Battleship
Model: #03714
1/200th scale
Price: $288 USD from Hobbylink Japan
Gneisenau was the second ship to carry the name of the Prussian general August von Gneisenau. The battlecruisers' construction was delayed due to a design change mid-way through the construction. She was a treaty ship with the displacement under the limit of 35,000 tons. She was sent back for refitting immediately in winter 1938 after realizing that her low profile brought too much water on her deck; the problem was resolved after placing a new bow on the ship.

The colour choices of this kit
When WW2 started militarily in Europe, Gneisenau was attacked by British Royal Air Force at Brunsbüttelkoog on 4 Sep 1939, though was not damaged. She then was assigned to the North Atlantic to attack merchant ships that transported vital supplies to Britain. In 1940, she participated in the invasion of Norway from the sea, which included an inconclusive duel with the British battlecruiser Renown. Her second major engagement for her came on 8 June when she surprise attacked the British task force centred around carrier Glorious. Her last major engagement was conducted alongside her sister ship Scharnhorst in Mar 1941, destroying 14 ships (22 total for the task force) on a raiding mission against British shipping.

The decals are included in this kit. 
In 1942 Gneisenau participated in the Channel Dash, a German fleet daylight movement from the French coast back to Germany (Operation Cerberus). She was able to make it to her destination of Kiel, but she was damaged by a mine en route. Although she had survived a number of mines and other battle damages before, this time she was not as fortunate; while still in the shipyards, she was attacked by aircraft on 26-27 Feb 1942 and was so badly damaged further that repairs were never completed. Her guns were removed for shore-based batteries in Denmark and Norway, and the hull was eventually sunk in Gotenhafen harbour to prevent Allied usage of the port within.

Model Length: 1175mm   Beam: 150mm 
Total Parts 1420+
Total of 24 sprues, hull, superstructure and decks

The sprues included in the kit
- One-piece hull made from two-directional slide moulds
-  Deck pattern finely rendered.
-  Accurately detailed guns
Metal anchor chain & propeller shaft
-  6 pieces of photo-etched frets for handrails, ladders, radar parts etc.
-  Includes 2 Ar-196 floatplane