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Build review pt.II: Italeri's 12th scale Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Roadster

The second part of the 1/12th scale Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Roadster kit from Italeri from Lukáš Kašuba is with us today. See how he continues from the frame to finish the engine, improve the radiator & seating compartment in part II of his story...

Build Review Pt I: Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Roadster
Kit No #4708 
1/12th scale
Model Dim.: 32,0 cm
Price: $173.34 USD from Hobbylink Japan
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Today: Build review Pt. II: Italeri's 12th scale Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Roadster - Engine & seating...
On the front plate, you will notice the square-shaped screws - those were 3D printed (thanks Jörgen) and will play a big role in the whole model as it’s one of the features that was left out all together by Italeri.
With the chassis and engine mostly out of way, I turned my attention to the cockpit floor. Or do I say interior floor with cars? Nevermind, I didn’t find this kind of texture on any of the photos and decided to sand it all off and give it a more realistic look

Drilling out the sides, adding a lot of plastic card sheet and scribing some of the lines with a tiny addition of resin bolts. I am a lot happier with this result.

This was all sprayed with a coat of SMS aluminium paint as it is a good base for that right amount of dust and mud to come later on...
With the seat, I only added some of the stitching to the front edge and gave it some sanding time to rough it up as it will be made out of leather
When I say leather I mean painted to represent leather using oil paints. The base was created using Tamiya acrylics as their matt finish provides for a great surface for oils to stick on.

Various tones of oils - Burnt Umbra, Sienna and Burnt Sienna were stippled using foam and a cosmetic sponge. The choice of colour is up to each modeller’s taste.

Now onto from radiator which in kit comes a solid piece of plastic.
Again, inspired on the internet - there are some incredible detailed models - I cut out of the plastic and purchased PE mesh that I cut out to the right shape.
Both sides are done in similar passion and to add some volume so I cut a piece of packaging foam (the one from Eduard’s brassie that I had on hand), sprayed it with Aluminium paint and sandwiched it between the two pieces.
And this is how it looks like after being glued forever.

Now, so far it still doesn’t look much like a car but I am on the way and the second part will give the right outlines to the car body.
Part III of this build will feature here on TMN very soon!

Lukáš Kašuba

Thanks to Italeri for sending this kit to Lukáš to build for you. The link to this kit on Italeri's website is here...