Sunday, February 13

Preview: 1/35th scale German Repair Crew from MiniArt

MiniArt has more men of WWII to fill out your German-themed scenes of repair and servicing their machines. This set comes with four figures and all the tools that one might be able to carry in one box. See the set looks in plastic and once painted and finished in our preview...
Preview: 1/35th scale German Repair Crew from MiniArt

German Repair Crew
From MiniArt
Kit No #35358
1/35th scale
The kit contains four figures and repair and maintenance tools
MiniArt continues to flush out our scenes and dioramas with new figures and accessories. This set of four German repairmen comes with some repair and maintenance tools to fix your tanks, trucks and anything else in German hands in WWII.

The Kit:
The kit contains four sprues of figures, 

A repairman brandishing a metalworking hammer...
This serviceman is seen leaning over, looking at his rolled out toolset on the ground/ floor. 
Seen sitting down and reaching for his tools, this repairman is working also.
Another serviceman with his sleeves rolled up and his flat forage cap on his head.
The repair tools included come on their own sprues, the ladder sprue...
...and the repair tools, axes, anvils saws, hacksaws, sledgehammers, oil cans, spanners, planers drills, toolbox, jack stand and a vice - everything a 1940's workshop might need.
The figures are here put together and painted up, they come out pretty nicely. One would think, the perfect thing for a broken down MiniArt StuG one would think :-)