Friday, February 11

Preview: Hobbyboss two new item releases in February...

The sprues, colours & markings for Hobbyboss' new items of February 2022 have just been released. We thought it only right we show you what's coming, with information about the kits in colours, sprues & artwork to give you a better picture of them in our preview...

Preview: Hobbyboss two new item releases in February...

Russian 4K51 anti-ship missile 
Kit No #82937
1/72nd scale
Price: $74 USD From Hobbylink Japan
The 4K51 Rubezh is a coastal self-propelled missile system developed by the Soviets for the Marines. "Rubezh" means "border" in Russian. Two KT-161 launch containers and a radar control room were installed on the MAZ-543 truck, and a short-range P-15 surface-to-ship missile was installed. It was officially adopted in 1978, and was widely used in the former Eastern Bloc countries.

The colour choices supplied with this kit
The decals supplied with this kit
The K51 "Defense Line" SSC-3 coastal defence missile system has been widely exported to other countries. The launch vehicle of 3P51 is based on the MAZ-543M 8×8 chassis and uses the KT-161 dual-mounted launcher. Two radar structures exist. Early versions used an integrated search and guidance radar, which was also used on ships. Later models use 3 Ts25 E-type Garpun E radars, working in the X-band, frequency band 0.8 to 12 GHz, using passive detection systems and constant-amplitude working methods, which can reach 0.5-1.5 degrees.

The sprues of the kit
This kit is modelled precisely and accurately; it has more than 100 parts, with soft resin tires and a P-15 surface-to-ship missile.
Model Length: 197.3mm / Width: 44.4mm 
Total number of  7 sprues, cab and tires 
The kit consists of over 100 parts 
-Newly tooled parts in accurate detail
-Rubber tires

US CH-47D "Chinook"
Kit No #81773
1/48th scale
Price: $127 USD From Hobbylink Japan
The CH-47 "Chinook" helicopter manufactured by Boeing-Voltor can be said to be the porter of the U.S. Army. The CH-47 "Chinook" helicopter has been used as the main transport aircraft for the military of the United States and other countries for decades. as long as. Its main tasks include transporting troops, artillery, munitions, fuel, water, obstacle materials, instruments and supplies on the battlefield. Other missions include transporting the wounded, recovering damaged aircraft, firefighting, airdropping paratroopers, and civilian uses such as lifting, disaster relief, and search and rescue.

The colour choices supplied with this kit
The decals supplied with this kit
From the CH-47A to the CH-47D, the performance of the CH-47 Chinook has continued to improve with continuous improvement. Later the CH-47D even had twice the transport capacity of the CH-47A.

The sprues of the kit
Model Length: 531.8mm Rotor diameter: 376mm  
8 sprues and fuselage in injection moulded plastic.
 The kit consists of over 330 parts
-Detailed fuselage with an accurate design
-Detailed cockpit
These new kits are (or should soon be) available from Hobbyboss' Distributors Worldwide...