Tuesday, March 15

Vale, the influential model artist Valery Grygorenko...

We were going to have just a normal story here on TMN today, but war, and the death of an inspirational figure to us all has halted us in our tracks. Often something hits you harder when someone you know or are influenced by has died. This is the case in the passing of the acclaimed and talented model artist for roden, Valery Grygorenko, who died in a Russian attack near Kviv yesterday. We look a little at his artworks in our story...

If you are a normal, functioning human being with a decent grip on feelings and decency you would be upset at the loss of a human life. 

Whatever side you think you are on in the invasion by Russia of Ukraine, human loss should still upset you. 

When you have a longstanding emotional connection with an artist through his works that you perhaps have in your house, on your shelves and your workbenches as Valery Grygorenko, noted for his many artworks for Roden in Ukraine, you could be forgiven for being at a loss for words to describe his passing.

Although details are not clear yet. It seems that Valery was killed in a Russian attack near Kviv yesterday 14/03/2022. We won't comment on how or what happened as we really do not know all the facts, but we do know that he is gone, and nothing can take that back.

His passing is a massive loss or our community, the people at Roden Models who he made so many wonderful artworks for, the arts community in general and most of all his family, who we can only send all of our love too.

Although I did not know him personally, I feel connected to him through the impressive artwork he has created for us all, and that his life and positive impact on all of us in our hobby should be celebrated.

My favourite box art of his is this Opel Blitz being hunted by the RAF Tomohawk...

We can say only two things, 

Mr. Putin, you maniac - end this war on the Ukrainian people and stop sending your own soldiers to die for nothing but your own misguided lost empire and your foolish pride. 

And - Vale Valery Grygorenko

The best way to celebrate and to remember Valery is to look at just some of his works now in a gallery....