Tuesday, April 26

Preview: ICM's new Laffly V15T with Hotchkiss machine gun in 1/35th scale

ICM continues to add new products to their forthcoming list in a hope that they will return to normal operations soon - we are not alone in hoping so. The Laffly V15t w/ Hotchkiss machine gun is next on their list - See what we know about the kit and the real thing in our preview...

Preview: ICM's new Laffly V15T with Hotchkiss machine gun in 1/35th scale 

Laffly V15T with Hotchkiss machine gun
Model # 35572
1/35th scale
The Subject: 
The Laffly V15T was a French light 4WD artillery tractor used during World War II. It was used to tow the 25 mm SA anti-tank gun. A personnel carrier and reconnaissance vehicle based on the same chassis was designated as V15R. 
The Laffly company itself only manufactured the first batch of 100 V15s, the rest of the production being taken over by Corre La Licorne.
The characteristic look of the vehicle is mainly due to its independent suspensions, each wheel being linked to a triangle oscillating along an axis parallel to the central beam-frame. The inclination of any one wheel is thus totally dependent on the movement of its suspension (thirty degrees). From the centre, the differential-reducing block departs 4 shafts, one for each wheel. The differential gear concerns only the rear wheels. It can be blocked in rough terrain. 
The front wheels can be individually powered with levers next to the driver seat, there is no differential gear for them. The driving position is rather uncomfortable, with straight legs stretched horizontally.
It was a good all-terrain vehicle with undeniable qualities but mechanically too complicated for an army that must often improvise mechanical workshops in the open fields.

The driver's compartment of the 15t

The kit:
The kit from ICM is very much like their earlier all-new "Laffly V15T WWII French Artillery Towing Vehicle". This kit adds a self-defence Hotchkiss machine gun for self-protection mounted on the rear of the truck. Like on the real thing, shown here are the small non-motorized ditch crossing wheels which equipped the vehicle in the front and in the middle. The radiator was designed in such a way that individual channels (elements) could be replaced.
The rear hood is provided in a folded down option, the tools on the rear of the vehicle are of course included.
The Hotchkiss machine gun is shown on the deck of the kit, stowage containers are unfortunately abe to be posed open though...
There is still no release date for the V15t kit, but it surely will be within a few months if signs from ICM are as good as they are right now. Congratulations to them for working to re-open in such dire circumstances for their country!
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