Wednesday, April 27

Preview: So much stowage for not many bucks from Value Gear this month...

Value Gear really is living up to their name with a multitude of new sets that are full of resin parts for very little money. We have gathered their new items for April so you can see them for yourself in our preview...

Preview: So much stowage for not many bucks from Value Gear this month...

The people from Value Gear have just added a raft of new stowage and accessories to their site in a bunch of new releases. Most of these are grouped on a page together, so we have given you links to get to them after some short scrolling...

Tamiya Hellcat Stowage Sets 
Two new kits for your Tamiya M10 Set, both with 8 Pieces each
1/35th Scale 
Price - $17.00

Commonwealth M10 Achilles Stowage Set
1/35th Scale  
Price - $17

German Sets
1/16th scale 
Three types available - Kit #1, #2 or #3
22 Pieces each
Price - $25 each
German Tank Bits #2 & #3 
1/35th Scale 
Stowage parts to add to a kit or your diorama. These could fill a StuG rack etc. Some of the smaller bits from Stug sets 1-9 just to add a little more variety!
Price - $15

New Universal/Generic Wooden Crates 
Serts #1, #2 or #3
Each kit has about 20 parts of grey resin
Generic but very nice  - three sets of crates to fit on any vehicle, scene or diorama
Price - $11.50
New Universal/Generic Tent & Tarp 
Sets #19 & #20 Crate & Tarp Combos
16 Original Pieces Unique To This Set
Price - $11.50
New "Series 2 Modern" Universal Stowage
Six sets of modern stowage for any vehicle. Sets21, 22, 23. 24, 25 & 26
"Crates, Packs, Sacks & Tarp Combos"
25 original pieces unique to each of these sets.
No duplicates with a good variety of stowage bits!
Coolers & Cardboard Boxes (1950's-1980's Style) - (1980's-1990's Style)
2 separate sets, each one with 3 empty crates, 2 piles and 17 crates full of potatoes!
Price - $10.00
New USA Modern Gear Sets (Alice Packs 1973-Desert Storm)
Alice Packs  are from 1973-Desert Storm
25 Pieces in each set - each set has no duplicates!
Price - $17
Alice Packs & Dust Covered Packs
New Sacks-N-Packs Sets #1-5 

Sacks-N-Packs #01 - 1973-Desert Storm
(Medium - Full)
16 Pieces
Price - $10

USA Alice Packs #2 - 1973-Desert Storm
(Alice Packs Medium - Fuller)
16 Pieces
Price - $10

USA Alice Packs #3 1973-Desert Storm
(Alice Packs Medium - Fuller)
16 Pieces
Price - $10

USA Alice Packs #04 1973-Desert Storm
(Alice Packs Medium - w/Blankies & Bedrolls)
16 Pieces
Price - $10

Sacks-N-Packs #05 - 90's -2000's
Packs with Dust Covers
Price - $10

Dragon M26 Pershing Stowage Sets...
11 Pieces in each of the two sets
Based on a few common photos, you have enough here to do a few famous photo builds or customize any way you want
Price - $17
New Sandbag Fronts For E8's and M4A3 (new 2 Pack)

Sandbag Fronts M4A3E8
Tamiya Easy 8 - Set #SB13

Sandbag Fronts M4A3
(2 Pack Ver3) - Set #SB14
Price: $12

You can get any of these new products or their other great gear at the Value Gear Website - or their Ebay Page...