Saturday, June 25

Preview: Gecko Models new WWII British Army Closed Cab 30-cwt 4x2 GS Truck 1/35th scale

To add to their ambulance and soft top version of British lorries, Gecko Models are releasing a 1/35th scale "WWII British Army Closed Cab 30-cwt 4x2 GS Truck" - or an Austin K truck with a steel cab. See more about the kit in our preview...
Preview: Gecko Models new WWII British Army Closed Cab 30-cwt 4x2 GS Truck 1/35th scale 

WWII British Army Closed Cab 30-cwt 4x2 GS Truck
From Gecko Models
1/35th scale
Kit No #35GM0072
The kit consists of plastic injection parts & Photo-etch metal.
1 figure is included in the kit

The Subject:
the Austin K series of Lorries were a major source of transport for the British and Commonwealth nation's soldiers and equipment during World War Two.
Before the outbreak of World War Two, Austin, along with Bedford, Morris and other commercial vehicle manufacturers were instructed by the War Office to step up production of trucks, particularly those on a four wheel chassis. Austin’s new range in 1939, which was later named the Series I consisted of two basic models, K2 and K3 with a payload of two and three tons. 
The smaller payload, 30cwt-rated K30 was added to this range, initially with an open cab with a light canvas awning (index code YC). These open-cab models were lost by the British Expeditionary Force as they evacuated in 1940. By 1941, when this example was made, they featured a closed cab taken from the standard Austin civilian lorry of the time (index code GS). All the models had a six-cylinder overhead valve petrol engine, four speed transmission, hydraulic brakes, and leaf-sprung suspension. 

The new kit from Gecko Models
A continuation of the Austin Lorry series in 1/35th scale. This WWII British Army Closed Cab 30-cwt 4x2 GS Truck from Gecko Models. Although this is a difference from the open cab lorry Gecko released details of in April, this one has a closed cab.
There is a choice also between the cargo bay, with an open topped version with steel and wooden sides to a canvas covered truck version.
The right-hand side of the British & Commonwealth driving style is emulated in this kit with a full dash and driving controls inside.
The rear facing sliding panel gives the driver and crew in cab access to the soldiers in the rear at short notice without stopping.
The steel cab cover is of course featured in this release. We have had the Open cab, the ambulance and now this one - where next for Gecko we wonder? 
The kit will be available, we estimate, in September 2022.

You can find out more about Gecko Models kits on their website