Saturday, July 30

Another juggernaut approaches - Takom's 35th scale VK.168.01 (P) Super Heavy Tank Super Heavy Tank

Nothing can stop the momentum of Takom's super heavy tank blitz right now. We now have more information on the new 35th scale German VK.168.01 (P) that is inbound. See what we found out in our preview...
Another juggernaut approaches - Takom's 35th scale VK.168.01 (P) Super Heavy Tank

Takom are hitting us with four experimental Super heavy tanks in 1/35th scale in the space of two months. We have recently previewed the O-I Super Heavy tankType 205 Mäuschen & the "Mammut"  we looked at last month. Today we look at the new the VK.168.01 (P) Super Heavy Tank. 
The subject: The Vk.168.01P
The VK.168.01 (P) Super Heavy was based on an intermediate step in the development of the Maus, specifically the blueprint K.3384, dated to October 5, 1942. In the summer of 1942, Porsche received a requirement document for a breakthrough vehicle with the most powerful armament and thickest armour possible for such a class. VK 168.01 was a step in the development of the Mäuschen project, with the main difference being in the frontal placement of the turret. It existed only in blueprints. A blueprint was presented by Porsche on October 5th, 1942. By October 28th, blueprint K.3384 was ready. 

Again, this tank is for the "What-if" lovers, as it never came to being past blueprints, designs / specification requirements.
The mass of the tank increased only a little compared to the late June version by a mere 10 tons. The tank, however, changed beyond all recognition. The new turret had a larger turret ring, so the sloped sides had to go. The turret is now placed at the frontal of the vehicle. The hull resembled a box with a sloped rear and front. There was a new feature, a machine gun mount in the hull. Due to the longer and heavier hull, there were now 8 road wheels per side. For ease of service, instead of one wide track, there were now two narrower ones, like on the VK 40.01(P).

From paper to pixels, to plastic...

The Kit: Takom's VK.168.01 (P) Super Heavy Tank
Kit number #2158 will be the VK.168.01 (P) Super Heavy Tank in 1/35th scale. Like the other super heavies in the late development stage from Takom, design is undertaken in co-operation with Snowman Models.
Some finer points on this kit:
- The hatches on this tank can be posed opened or closed, but there is no interior planned for this kit.
- Photo-etch parts are included
- The suspension, road wheels and tracks are all workable 
- Vinyl plastic tracks are included. These are workable with steel rods to join them..
- There are four marking choices in the kit.

That is all we have on this particular release for now - keep tuned for more info...

That is all we know about this release for now. You can see more about Takom's kits on their website or on their Facebook page.