Monday, July 4

TMN on Tour: World Model Expo - Eindhoven 2022

For those who missed out on the World Model Hobby Expo this weekend, we have good news. David Bridges WAS able to attend, & today he gives us a tour of the show in his gallery of photos from the world-class event in Eindhoven. See the quality on show in his tour...

TMN on Tour: World Model Expo - Eindhoven 2022

TMN on Tour: World Model Expo 2022
When: Friday 1, Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 July 2022
Where: NH Eindhoven Conference Centre `Koningshof`
Locht 117
5504 RM Veldhoven (near Eindhoven)
The Netherlands
On the weekend of the Ist through the 3rd of July in 2022, the once in three year event, the World Model Expo was held at the NH Eindhoven Conference Centre in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

The floor plan of the event
In a space of over 6.500  square meters the event hosted the model exhibition, traders stands, club and vendors stands, demos from some of the best modellers in the world who attended this, one of the peak events on the worldwide scale modelling calender.

Traders did big business with lots of inspired modellers...
Modelling workshops were held by some of the biggest names in the hobby. Helen Bourch, Harold Stivala, Bernhard Lustig, Patrick Manson, Penny Meyer, MIG Jimenez, Gerard Boom, Jaume Ortiz,  Jean Bernard André, Michal Pisarksi,  Rick Lawler, Marcel du Long, Gerard Boom – Meierij foyer, David Parker, Calvin Tan, Arnau Lazaro were all hosting learning sessions. What an opportunity to learn from some of the masters in our hobby!
There were 854 modelers who brought entries to the event with a total of 4,082 models on the tables on display.
Every modelling genre and style you could think of was on display, with science fiction, anime, car, truck & vehicle models, with historical busts, flat models, vignettes, large dioramas, ships, subs, single figures, aircraft and AFVs of all types entered into the competition and brought to show off to their fellow modellers.
While we are talking about award winning models, this was "Best in Show", The 85mm "EAGLE’S LAST FLIGHT Waterloo 1815" sculpted by Maurizio Bruno and painted by Danilo Cartacci. Amazing work and congratulations to them!
One of the attendees was a favourite of ours, David Bridges from DB Scale Model Studio.   He took his own model all the way from the US to take part int he event. David ended up being awarded with a "Highly Commended" in Category 14, Ordnance (Masters), for his KV-2 at World Model Expo 2022. He said that he was privileged to participate in the highest level of exhibition in the scale modeling world.
David also took a bunch of photos showing a good cross-section of the show, we thought it would be only proper we showed you a little of the show's flavour, and the quality of the kits on display at such an event.
Double click on any of these to show them in a larger size. Your arrow keys will scroll through the gallery...
That is Davids gallery from WME 2022! Congrats to all the winners and attendees. Hopefully TMN can make it in person next time.
Check out David's excellent FB page DB Scale Model Studio. He does great work and some interesting tutorials also.