Tuesday, August 16

Border Model's new "Apocalypse" tank - Where are the Wolverines when you need them?

This is getting a little silly now, but if silly is your thing, then Border Model has a new tank in a new series for an easy and quick build. This one promises snap together features with colour moulded plastic, lights & more. See the "Apocalypse" in our preview today.

Preview: Border Model's new 1/35th scale  Soviet Apocalypse Tank!

Apocalypse Tank
From Border Model
Kit No #BC-001
1/35th scale
Price: TBA
In a mix between video games like red alert, and a designer's want to make something REALLY out of the ordinary, Border model are making this, the "Apocalypse" tank, in cold-war Soviet markings. The tank has some interesting features we will look at, as well as a finished example, made by Border's staff (probably somewhere in the future).

The pre-coloured, snap together tank added to with paint & weathering..
Anyone thinking the recent boxart depicting an invasion in San Francisco was far fetched, get a load of this box art work, made by the talented Jason Wong, depicting soldiers with jet packs, rockets,  lighter than air ships and a burning New York cityscape in the background! Wowsers...

The model features:
A full, newly tooled pre-coloured Soviet Apocalypse tank. (-no glue required.
Workable track links, rotating turret.
Posable hatches, opening stowage bins.
Movable dozer blade.
Posable twin main guns and MG turret.
Three red/yellow glowing electric lights (like an infra red glow thingy).
Vodka bottles (in 35th scale plastic) are included.
From Border Model, we have a vide of the tank in CAD showing how it all goes together...
Until we find out more about this crazy contraption, check out the Border Models website for more information...