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Preview: Magic Factory's new 35th scale Air Defense System “Iron Dome” Kit Coming Soon!

Magic Factory's newly tooled 1/35th scale “Iron Dome” Air Defence System is hitting hobby shops at the end of September. This kit has a great deal of fine detail, extra parts of metal and interesting decal options. We look a little at it in our preview...

Preview: Magic Factory's new 35th scale Air Defense System “Iron Dome” Kit Coming Soon!

Air Defence System “Iron Dome”
From Magic Factory 
Kit No #2001
1/35th scale
Plastic injection model kit
Dimensions: 199.5mm long / 241.6mm high.
ETA: End of September 2022
The Subject: “Iron Dome” Air Defence System
Iron Dome is an Israeli mobile missile defence system designed to intercept short-range rockets and artillery. It comprises the lowest tier of Israel’s missile defence architecture, intended to counter unguided rocket and drone attacks.

The Iron Dome anti-missile system fires interception missiles as rockets are launched from the Gaza Strip, as seen in a long exposure photograph taken in the city of Ashkelon in 2018.
The system consists of three main elements: the Tamir interceptor and its launcher, the ELM 2084 Multi-mission Radar (MMR), and a battle management and weapon control system (BMC). The Iron Dome battery includes 3 – 4 launchers, a battle management system, and a fire control radar. Each launcher can hold up to 20 Tamir interceptors. A complete battery costs approximately $100M to produce. Each Iron Dome battery can defend an area of up to 150 square kilometres against short-range missiles, mortars, and rockets. To conserve interceptors, the Iron Dome system can discern between rockets that threaten population areas and those that will fall harmlessly in open terrain.

Iron Dome launcher deployed near Ashkelon
Iron Dome can detect and engage targets at ranges of up to 70 km.3 The system’s Tamir interceptor is 3 meters long, 0.16 m in diameter, and weighs 90 kg at launch. It uses a command data-link and onboard active radar seeker for guidance and uses a high-explosive blast-fragmentation warhead to destroy targets. The Tamir interceptor was initially estimated to cost $100,000 to produce, but recent estimates assert unit costs of roughly $40,000 to $50,000 each.

Iron Dome launching a Tamir interceptor during Operation Guardian of the Walls, May 2021
Some Iron Dome systems have been exported. A weakness for most potential markets is that each Iron Dome system protects no more than 100–150 square kilometres (39–58 square miles); this is effective in a small country like Israel, but not for larger states. Even in Israel, the batteries have to be moved around according to perceived risk of attack. Singapore, a sovereign island city-state, is reported to have purchased the Iron Dome, and the US Army has bought two batteries to protect overseas bases.

The Kit: Magic Factory's new 1/35th scale Air Defense System “Iron Dome”
Magic Factory's new-tooled 1/35th scale Air Defense System “Iron Dome” is almost here. MAde from Injection moulded plastic, photo-etch & metal rod, kit number 2001can be built in combat state or transportation state, and provides missiles for separate display.
The plasti sprues are added to with two photo-eth frets, metal parts & a multi-in-one film-free decal and a regular decal.
Of note on the photo-etched sprue is the pre-separated parts that enable you to simply peel the parts off the sticky backing without having to cut and sand them. The Multi-in-one film-free decal will help you apply multi markings to the model by one time. 
The model is a precise replica in size and appearance, with a length of 199.5mm and height of 241.6mm after assembly. 
There are parts and painting schemes available for options to build Israeli or U.S. version of the system.
The kit is scheduled for release at the end of September 2022

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