Wednesday, August 3

Trumpeter's newest aircraft for October in sprues, colours & info...

Trumpeter keep on issuing photos of sprues of their latest kits, and so well keep showing them to you! This time, October's aerial assault is featured with a pair of 48th scale PLAAF kites. see the sprues, colours& info in our preview...

Trumpeter's newest aircraft for October in sprues, colours & info...

Z-19 Light Scout/Attack Helicopter
Model: #05819
1/48th scale
The Z-19 is a Chinese light scout and observation helicopter. It was locally developed by Harbin. It was a China's attempt to develop a modern and capable helicopter. The whole development programme was kept in high secrecy. The Z-19 is essentially a tandem-seat version of the Z-9W, which in turn is a license-built version of the Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin. However, this helicopter also shares some resemblance with the Japanese OH-1. The Z-19 made its first flight in 2011 and was publicly revealed in 2012. This helicopter is in service with Chinese army aviation regiment. It operates alongside the dedicated Z-10 attack helicopter. The Z-19 is lightly armoured. Both pilots are seated on crash-resistant seats. This scout and observation helicopter is equipped with a nose-mounted FLIR, TV and laser rangefinder.

The colour profiles included in this kit
Secondary task for the Z-19 is to provide fire support. It has four underwing hardpoints and can carry unoperated rocket pods and other weapons, such as TY-90 air-to-air and HJ-8 anti-tank missiles. The helicopter has no nose cannon mount. However, it can carry a podded 23 mm cannon. The Z-19 can operate under various weather conditions and at night. This helicopter uses the same engines as the Z-9WA. It is a WZ-8A, a license-built version of the Turbomeca Arriel. The Z-19 has a fenestron tail. It reduces the sound and allows to achieve some level of acoustic stealthiness. It also has an IR-suppressing exhaust system. This feature also gives a level of protection against missiles with infra-red guidance.

The decal sheet included in the kit 
In 2014, a version of the Z-19 with a mast mounted radar was observed. It resembles a Longbow radar of a US AH-64D Apache attack helicopter. It is most likely that this version can fire anti-tank missiles in fire-and-forget mode. This helicopter was first publicly revealed in 2017.  Z-19E is an export version. This helicopter is also referred as the Black Whirlwind. It made its first flight in 2017.

Features - Detailed fuselage w/accurate design
- Finely detailed cockpit
- Photo-etched parts included
Model Length: 260.8mm / Rotor Diameter:261mm
Total Parts 130+
Total of 4 sprues
The sprues of this kit
The kit made up and painted by Trumpeter's staff....

PLAAF J-10C Vigorous Dragon 
Model: #05826
1/48th scale
The J-10C uses a DSI inlet, which can ensure flight performance in the transonic speed range. The biggest advantage compared to the J-10A is that the DSI inlet can reduce the structural weight. In appearance, the DSI inlet is the biggest feature of the J-10C. The DSI inlet has become the standard for several Chinese-developed light fighters. The J-10C uses an active phased array radar, which has both powerful "air-to-ground" and "air-to-air" performance, and can also carry a variety of weapons. 

The colour profiles included in this kit
The J-10C air combat weapons include PL-10, PL-8, PL-12, and PL-15 air-to-air missiles; air-to-ground weapons include KD-88 air-to-ground missiles, YJ-91 anti-radiation missiles, and laser / Satellite-guided bombs can perform both air intercept missions and air-surface missions against ground targets and maritime targets. The multi-purpose capability is greatly improved compared to the J-10A.

The decal sheet included in the kit 
Decal stencils for the aircraft
Model Length: 347.5mm / Wingspan: 203mm
Total of 12 sprues
The kit consists of over 230 parts
-Detailed fuselage with accurate design
-Detailed wing with plenty of external loads
-Photo-etched parts for safety belt and rearview mirror
The sprues of this kit