Tuesday, August 2

Preview: Border Model's new 1/35th scale DKM Type VII-C U-boat conning tower & deck

We have new information on decals & the real look of the plastic of Border Model's new 1/35th scale DKM Type VII-C U-boat conning tower & deck kit. We see the features of the kit built up & at the real boat in our preview...

Preview: Border Model's new 1/35th scale DKM Type VII-C U-boat conning tower & deck

DKM Type VII-C U-boat
From Border Model
Kit No #BS-001
1/35th scale
Price: TBA
Expected in March 202
The Subject:  The VII-C U-boats' conning tower and forward deck section.
Type VIIC was a slightly modified version of the successful type VIIB boats. They had basically the same engine layout and power, but were slightly larger and heavier, which made them not quite as fast as the VIIB. Although the Type VII-C U-boats' conning tower and deck did not change, the omission of deck guns on latter subs was one change. Many of these boats were fitted with the Schnorkel in 1944-1945. This design saw one more improvement in the type VIIC/41 boat.

The view from above the conning tower of a Kriegsmarine Type VIIC U-Boat
8.8cm Schiffskanone (Antiship Cannon)
The naval 88mm gun was not the same as the famous 88mm of the German Army. Installed on the Type VIIs, the ammunition was a single unit round (projectile and cartridge) and weighed about 30 pounds (13.7kg). Mounted on a platform just ahead of the conning tower, it had identical controls on both sides, so the crew of two could operate it from either side.

The 8.8 cm/45 SK C/35 mounted on a U-boat and its crew.
Each boat had the 88mm in front of the conning tower and with a good crew they could fire 15-18 rounds a minute. Often used to finish off damaged vessels or sink smaller ships the gun normally had a crew of 3 to 5 and was usually commanded by the second watch officer 

The typically unshielded SK C/35 deck gun of a type VII U-boat is visible below the torpedo tail.
The G7e torpedo was the standard electric torpedo used by the German Kriegsmarine submarines in World War II. It came in 20 different versions, with the initial model G7e(TII) in service at the outbreak of the war.

A crew drawing the torpedo of the (forward) external container on type VIIC U-Boat
The kit:
Border Model's new 1/35th scale DKM Type VII-C U-boat contains both the conning tower & deck sections of the boat. The deck sits as it would on the waterline, with the railings and rear AA gun included as the CAD of the kit below shows. The kit is 60cm long when completed.
Not only that, but the complete structure of the 88mm gun is included with a metal barrel, ammunition boxes and shells also...
 The G7e torpedo of the Kriegsmarine during World War II is also included, with the lading equipment of the torpedo there so you can show the loading process (you just need an interior now :-) - the box says that some interior detail near the hatches are included.
Test build:
We have some new images of the decal options and the look of the kit after the test shot is assembled. This was done by the Border Model team, but it shows us a lot more about the workings of the kit and the figures and weapons included.

The completed boat sealed up, the details in the deck are impressive in this photo, you can see photo-etch in place as an enhancement provided in the kit also.
The deck gun can be rotated and elevated as in the real thing.
In profile, the full length of the kit is impressive at 60cm.
You can see the internal structure of the conning tower, with the rear flak cannon. Also, the deck's great hull hatch can also be opened or closed.
The kit features a posable front hatch to show the loading of a torpedo into the fore hatch.
You can see as in photos the 88mm deck gun is turned to the side to allow for easy access.
Ammunition and crates to hold it are included in the kit. From the front you can see the depth of detail in this model.
A dock scene loading stored ammunition and torpedos would look great with this kit.
For another scene "in action" the six figures are included in two separate sets for future release - we look at them here...
A tower gunner or crewman, a lookout with binoculars in hand, and another sailer are seen in the hatch in the conning tower. The three deck gunner could be depicted servicing the gun or firing it.
The decal choices seem a bit odd, they are for the flak 36 gun rather than the U-boat. This may change, we will find out for you.
The kit is due for release at the end of September. check out the Border Models website for more information...