Thursday, September 22

Miniart's German soldiers load up with new ammo & decals....

MiniArt's German soldiers carrying ammo have returned. This time carrying different a different calibre & decals to suit. See more about this revised kit in our preview...

Preview: Miniart's German soldiers load up with new ammo & decals....

German Soldiers Carrying Ammo Boxes
From MiniArt
Kit No #35384
1/35th scale
The kit contains five figures of soldiers, Ammo, ammo boxes and decals to suit.
Miniart really do love this kit. The bare bones of this boxing have been available for a while now, under kit numbers #35029 as "German Artillery Crew" & #35192 as the special edition version of that kit. In that edition, the kit was added to with this new kit featuring new 7.5cm shells with decals to match them.

The two former kits this is based on, #35029 as "German Artillery Crew" & #35192 the special edition.
The parts:
There are seven sprues in this kit. Two containing the figures of the five soldiers: One "shouty" officer and four guys doing all the work.
Ammunition boxes are included, I think there are actually two of these sprues, as we need two boxes, at least for the soldiers to carry between them.
A sprue of 7.5cm shells of German origin is included in this set.
The decals: A single decal sheet is included in the kit, Patr.75cm, 7.5cm Pzgr KWK 40 stencils, not only on the case of the shell but on the butt of the shell, but the box stencils also. 
This kit would be scheduled for release next month. See more about all of MiniArt's kits on their website...